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  1. Chandlee EBS

    Cross Current

    UH OH! Our Cross Current demo arrived yesterday: It's VERY good for $1500. Finally, a sub-2k bike with a good torque sensor. It's a class 3, with Tektro Durano brakes and an Alivio drivetrain. This bike is a big deal. Now excuse me while I go ride around on it some more. :p
  2. Chandlee EBS e-mountain biking articles

    The mountain biking section of just tackled e-bikes with several articles. We were one of the shops interviewed. Check them out: The Great E-Mountain Biking Debate. Is E-Mountain Biking For You? Interview With E-Bike “Expert” User What is E-Biking? The Future of E-Mountain Bikes...
  3. Chandlee EBS

    Olympic Gold Medalist's Bionx build.

    Krige Schabort came into our shop today!!! He uses a bionx build for his mountain bike. Super cool guy.
  4. Chandlee EBS

    My Surly Karate Monkey conversion.

    So I've taken my Karate Monkey Ops and done a d-series conversion on it. I may have slightly over done the accessories: -Cygolite lights -Thudbuster -Walkydog -Burly tailwagon -axiom journey rack - o-stand kickstand - rack cushion - sherfas sheriff rear tire. -panaracer Cedric Garcia front...
  5. Chandlee EBS

    The Outfitter Has Arrived

    omg. omg. omg. omg. omg. omg. omg. omg. omg. omg. omg. omg. omg. omg. omg. omg. omg. omg.
  6. Chandlee EBS

    Custom Conversion vs Stock.

    Would you rather have a hot stock bike or a cool custom conversion? For example, This: Or this:
  7. Chandlee EBS

    El Mariachi Ti D-Series Build up

    Here's a build up we're particularly proud of: Titanium El Mariachi frame. Bionx D-series. Carbon firestarter fork. XX 2x10 drivetrain. Guide RSC brakes. Front wheel: Easton Carbon. Easton Carbon Handlebars XX Shifters Leather Ergon grips. VP Components Titanium Blade Pedals 41.9 lbs. 9 oz...
  8. Chandlee EBS

    Sweet new tail light: Niterider Sentinel.

    We got these in the other day: It's got frickin' lazer beams!
  9. Chandlee EBS

    Bionx for serious MTB.

    So while there's been murmurs of serious single track/all mountain conversions with Bionx kits, I've never seen any hard trail riding videos. Does anyone have anything or are we going to have to wait for the D-series? This KLM hardtail looks like fun. Here's some cross country in an Aussie...