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    Road E1 Differences

    Does anyone know the difference, if any, between the 2018 Road E1 and the 2017 Road E1. I checked the specs and they look the same, but maybe I'm missing something.
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    Road E 1 tires

    Will the Giant Road E 1 fit tires larger than 32 mm?
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    Turbo Levo Motor Temperature

    When I finished my MTB ride today, I checked the Mission Control App, and the battery temperature was 90 degrees which was the current temperature of this hot day. The motor temperature showed 136 degrees. Is this a bad thing? Does anyone know of a temperature that would be too hot for...
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    2018 Tamland IE price question

    2018 Tamland IE listed for $3500 at Ebikes of New England, everywhere else, $4750. I might be interested, but I wonder why the discrepancy? If this price shows up at the LBS, I'm in and will test ride it. It's a great looking bike and gets good reviews. Anyone have experience on this bike?
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    2016 E3 Vibe question

    Does anyone know how to set the trip odometer to zero on the Currie display of the 2016 IZIP E3 Vibe? The manual is misprinted and includes a button to hold that doesn't exist. I don't want to guess and end up changing vital settings that I know nothing about. Thanks, Rich
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    REI vs LBS

    I've noticed that REI has the same ST1 as at the LBS dealer. REI is local, the LBS for Stromer is actually 90 miles away. What would be the better place? The LBS which sells and has certified Stromer techs, or go local at REI which can get the bike but they sounded vague about repairs. I hate to...
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    Potential Stromer Buyer

    I'm considering the purchase of a 2018 ST1 with the P48 500W motor. It's rated at 30 NM. How will this go on steep hills? What can I expect? Also, I read that regen doesn't engage until you get below 50%, but the review was several years old. Have they fixed that? Thanks, Rich
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    Battery Issue

    I have the EVO Pro 27.5+ and was getting about 35 miles on mixed hills and level. The battery would go down accordingly. But lately, I start at 100% and within a mile am at 90% and get only about 25 miles. The bike is almost a year old and I've charged it about 150 times, usually starting from...
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    COBI System compatibility

    Is the COBI System compatible with Easy Motion bikes, the EVO 27.5 Pro+ in particular?
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    COBI System

    Is the COBI System compatible with the 2017 EVO 27.5 PRO+? Thanks
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    Urban Plus Prices

    Why is the Urban Plus priced so radically different. Haibike has it for $3599, while other sites have it for $1699. Does this bike have a major flaw that is being hidden? If the year is different, the specs are the same...what gives?
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    Super Commuter Question

    All other things being equal, which would be the better hill climber and to what degree is the difference? I'm referring to the Super Commuter 8 which has a rear cassette assembly, vs the Super Commuter 9 which has the Nuvinci internal gears. I guess I'm asking which has the lowest gear, or are...
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    Turbo Levo Mode Control

    Let's face it it, trying to change power modes on the down tube while you're moving is dangerous. I see the 2018 Levos have it on the handlebar (where it should have been in the first place). Can this upgrade be put on earlier year models(2017 in my case)?
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    Mission Control App Problem

    I finally got an iPhone so I thought I'd try the Mission Control APP. It pairs with my Turbo Levo, but only if I have WiFi on in addition to Bluetooth. With just Bluetooth on, bike not found response. I tried it on the trail with just Bluetooth not found, so then I turned on WiFi, even...
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    Battery Charging

    While charging my Turbo Levo, the charger is definitely warm. I usually watch it closely and unplug the charger at 100%. A few times I have forgotten about it and left it charging all night. The charger is cool, so I assume I did no damage. My question is... Did I overcharge the battery or does...
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    Display Question

    I have the 2017 EVO Pro 27.5 which I bought new and have put over 1200 miles on it. A great bike and a strong climber with no issues whatsoever. However, once in a while the display shows a circle with an exclamation point inside it. Does anyone know what that means? Thanks, Rich
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    Mission App for Windows PC

    Had the Turbo Levo FSR Comp MTB for about a month now....what a blast! Anyway, does anyone know if there is a Windows version of the Mission Control APP, or will there be in the future? I would sure like to fine tune this bike. Thanks in advance. Rich