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    Battery Power Failure

    The last two times I was out and about the neighborhood in my e-Joe Epic SE, all of a sudden I had no battery and therefore no power. Both times I came home and put the charger on it but it indicated a green light which coincides with the power bar on the bike before it failed. I emailed...
  2. J

    Adapting a Japanese Ebike for a Canadian mom

    So can you please confirm if my take-a-way is correct regarding storing my two Epik SE's for the winter in my garage: Watch the battery condition monthly and when it get's to 1/2 power remaining, plug in the charger. Thanks in advance for your assistance so I do the right thing for my batteries.
  3. J

    mileage indicator

    We settled on the Cateye CC-RD300W Wireless Cyclocomputer from Amazon and I installed them yesterday. The installation went well and we are very happy with the product.
  4. J

    mileage indicator

    Thanks, Ann. I'm off to Amazon to place an order. My wife and I are really excited. We have two frosty white e-Joe Epic SE's on order and yesterday we ordered or Thule 9032 Bike Rack. After doing my research and deciding on the Thule 9032, I searched the internet for best price and always...
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    mileage indicator

    Should I go wireless or the wired unit? It would seem the wireless is a much cleaner installation but are they just as reliable as the wired units? Is there a brand that's "heads" above the competition?