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    I'm getting close - Advice please.

    Both bikes appear to be nice buys for the price level. If I had to choose one, it'd be the Ride1Up 700. It's got a Haibike Trekking or Riese and Muller feel and look to it. Right out of the box, it's got a leading industry standard in trekking tires, the Schwalbe Super Moto-X tire. Selle Royal...
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    Shelly, it's best to identify the name and model of the bike, along with the specific ebike drive system. Looking on line at the BH Emotion pdf, a 13 error is a communication failure and a 15 is a misadjusted sensor (spoke sensor?) that requires adjustement to better cross the frame mounted...
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    Derailleur drop hanger

    Find one that does, surely there is one bike shop there willing to help you out. Have the shop to a general bike tuneup, along with the hangar installation, to make it worth their while. And ask for a couple of spare hangars!
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    chain skipping over the bosch CX SES sprocket problem plus motor noise issue

    McMars: Riding an mtb since 1983 puts you into or near my age and puts us both at a time when the mountain bike craze was just starting to ramp up. Here on the east coast, I bought a Ross mtb, black frame, gold anodized rims, the bees knees short of a Specialized Stumpjumper. Welcome to ebiking...
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    Some real comfortable bar grips? My ergon grips are a pain in the ...... wrist !

    Talking bar end grips is such a personal and subjective thing where not one single person is right or wrong, if the component they are touting works for them. The same applies for saddles, shoes, helmets, tires, bike drive motors, mid drive, hub drive, bike brand, chevy vs ford........ OP: if...
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    chain skipping over the bosch CX SES sprocket problem plus motor noise issue

    I don't believe your local friendly is going to "improve" the seal that Bosch engineers designed and manufactured. What you need to do is to thoroughly clean the Tri-Flow you sprayed in the area around the seal, as well as the rest of the motor and ride it for a few rides, minus going into mud...
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    Help choosing year-round commuter eBike for Wisconsin weather

    In March of 2018, after NJ got nailed with a Nor'easter blizzard that put down about 10 inches of snow, I thought I'd take my non-ebike, analog bicycle out for a short spin into town before the bright sun, snow plow ops and salt spreader operations got to turning the relatively fresh, virgin...
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    Just received my Luna X-1 Enduro Yesterday.......questions.

    And fwiw, check to see if your spoke magnet is in line with your sensor pick-up.....
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    Just received my Luna X-1 Enduro Yesterday.......questions.

    I looked over that forum thread I linked you and see that you posted there, too, which is good. It looks like the person who works for Luna has done and excellent job responding to questions asked of him throughout the entire thread; just as he has responded to your thread question as well! I...
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    Just received my Luna X-1 Enduro Yesterday.......questions.

    Buried within that thread is the online manual to set your display parameters:
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    Just received my Luna X-1 Enduro Yesterday.......questions.

    Congrats on your new bike. I own a Haibike Full FatSix so won't be good for specific help, but maybe in the general. For starters, here is the link filled with 20 pages of info and input from other Luna owners and not, for your ebike...
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    Modular Rail System (MRS) accessories - Where to buy

    This is everything RideWill lists for the MRS:
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    Modular Rail System (MRS) accessories - Where to buy

    Have you emailed Haibike USA? Google search shows lots of Euro dealers with the MRS components for sale. RideWill over in Italy seems to stock the lineup. I bought 2 Haibike decal sets from them last year and got good service from them, shipping from Italy to New Jersey. Let us know what...
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    Trust Performance Goes Under During Pandemic Shutdowns

    Janus Motorcycles in Indiana features that Leading Link front fork design on their 3 motorcycle models. These motorcycles tick all the right boxes for me, so it's time to save up my spare change! And aside from the Chinese sourced engine & the actual shock absorbers from Ikon (which they get...
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    Reliability Survey

    Survey complete!
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    Operating The Torque Wrench [instructions]

    Outstanding, Stefan Mikes!
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    Haibike Sdurro FullSeven LT 9.0 in the house...

    Beautiful bike! Haibike has always seemed to have the best graphics and paint jobs going on the ebike market and it really shines on your bike. PS: As an owner of an older Haibike Full FatSix, I can tell you that you are never done modifying your bike! :)
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    Why is it rare for an e-bike to have more than one chain-ring?

    Hi PMcDonald! Thanks! But for the sake of being honest, those pics were taken when the bike was just put into service in April, 2017, with 66 miles on the odometer. But to look at the chain right now, it pretty much is as clean as that photo from way back. I think the folks who are changing out...
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    Which one would you choose?

    Thanks, Johnny, I appreciate that. Yep, she's a fun bike, a joy to ride. Had a vision of creating a go-anywhere fat tired ebike, including a Schmidt SON dyno hub and lighting system that would allow night riding if necessary. The real key are the fat tires. They allow me to travel the deep sugar...