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    Current Felt eBikes on ebay: Redemption E50

    ebay Seller: wheelandsproket. Any info on the Felt Mtb ebikes on ebay for $2999? There seems to be a lot of them, a current model and, looking at the sales history, they don't seem to be selling too quickly. Frames are basic aluminum geometry with good travel but the components are decent and...
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    Haibike SDuro (Yamaha), operate without display?

    Anyone know of a way to operate the Yamaha SDuro without the display installed? I like a clean minimalist bar, no remote lockout, no front shifter, etc and definitely no over sized bike computer with corners that sits up high. It's just a matter of time before it gets knocked off and broken...
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    2016 SDuro w/Yamaha, battery shake & rattle, fix?

    My first post, EBR has been a great resource, thanks. I just got my 2016 SDURO ALLMTN SL and having a lot of fun. Question, anyone have a fix for the battery rattle? I knew it was coming this way because Court mentioned it, I think on a 29" he tested, and I read it somewhere else. I believe...