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  1. Bruce Arnold

    Poor man's Satiator, smart home version

    Our home was flooded by Hurricane Florence. During the restoration, I decided we'd like having a smart home system. Lights, switches, plugs, fans. It's very convenient and kind of fun. The grandkids love it. We put a "charging station" in the area where we charge our ebike batteries. Wife has a...
  2. Bruce Arnold

    Pulled the trigger on a Scorpion today

    I love my CCS. A little over 2 years old, with 4000+ miles on it. But I'm not getting any younger. The arthritis in my knees makes it hard to get on and off. I've dreamed about getting a CCX since they came out out, but swinging that leg over the seat to get on and off is more difficult all the...
  3. Bruce Arnold

    Have you seen Tora's latest video?

    Tora is off to China to oversee manufacture and shipping again -- but has to do a 14-day quarantine. This video is an interesting view of how the coronavirus is affecting travel and so forth.
  4. Bruce Arnold

    Interesting Video on Tire Pressure

    Detailed discussion on tire pressure. I'm no expert. This guy sounds like he has both knowledge and experience.
  5. Bruce Arnold

    Article on Subsidies for Ebikes

    Eben Weiss nails it.
  6. Bruce Arnold

    Juiced Bikes 2018 Rewind

  7. Bruce Arnold

    Service and delivery problems: Solved?

    For a while, earlier this year, we had many complaints about poor service and long waits for delivery of new bikes. I noticed this summer that people were starting to report waiting 2-3 weeks instead of 2-3 months to get their bikes, and we haven't had as many threads about poor service for a...
  8. Bruce Arnold

    GM announces ebike

    Big auto firm getting into the ebike game. I'm sure they see the end of the internal combustion engine and are looking for ways to stay viable. Electric cars alone won't do it.
  9. Bruce Arnold

    Juiced Bikes moves into new facility

    Short video about Juiced Bikes new warehouse. Looks like offices also. They are moving on. No longer a boutique manufacturer, JB is poised to be a major player. I hope @Tora Harris still makes his interesting and entertaining videos, showing the manufacturing process and riding his new bikes.
  10. Bruce Arnold

    New Basket on City Commuter

    Bonnie has been using the black nylon bag on the front of her bike that came with it. It worked OK but did nothing for her in the looks department. She's been looking at baskets for a month or so and finally purchased this one. I agree, it does look better. Roomier, too.
  11. Bruce Arnold

    Article on the Sun Trip solar ebike race France to China

    Good article on the solar-powered ebike race from Lyons to Guangzhou this summer. Jack Butler is the guy I rooted for, having discovered his YouTube channel a while back. I also follow the author's YouTube channel, so it's a neat confluence. Jack Butler showed what can be done with limited...
  12. Bruce Arnold

    CCX: zero mode and more

    CCX video on the Juiced Bikes website. I like these views of China, and we get to hear @Tora Harris talk about the bike as he rides. He mentions that a lot of people asked for a 0 mode, so he's included it. Lights etc. work, just no power to the motor from pedal assist. The throttle still...
  13. Bruce Arnold

    "Proprietary" Connectors

    Several comments, mostly disparaging, have been made about Juiced Bikes using "proprietary connectors." One poster suggested that this was done to keep owners from purchasing parts elsewhere. I've already shown pictures of the XT-60 connectors that are used by Juiced. Apparently that wasn't the...
  14. Bruce Arnold

    Watts being used vs. PAS level

    I noticed something interesting today. I usually try to use the lowest PAS level that works for me at the moment. Given that I usually don't do high-speed runs, I ride the most in Eco or 1. Today I was cruising along on a level stretch and noticed that I was in 2, which I'd used a couple miles...
  15. Bruce Arnold

    Article on Jump ebike share in the Bronx

    Eben Weiss (BikeSnobNYC) has posted an article on his experience with the Jump ebike share, which has moved into the Bronx. Interesting reading and very positive. He concludes that all bike shares should have pedal assist, which is a pretty positive endorsement of ebikes.
  16. Bruce Arnold

    Motor Sounds - breaking in, not breaking down

    We've had a couple of posts lately from guys wondering if there was something going on with their motor because of the sounds it makes. @Reid gave a good description in one of the threads of how they work and why they might make a different noise at times. When my motor sounds louder than...
  17. Bruce Arnold

    My Wife Was On TV Talking About Ebikes

    Link to text and video
  18. Bruce Arnold

    Battery supply problems

    There's been some discussion here about whether or not batteries are a major bottleneck, making it difficult for Juiced Bikes to get their products out the door, as @Tora Harris has said. There are some who scoff at this notion. I haven't chimed in on that one, because I just don't know enough...
  19. Bruce Arnold

    Intermittent loss of power

    My wife's City Commuter loses power for a few minutes at a time. Comes and goes. It started to happen 3 weeks ago. It was rare at first. Now it cuts out over and over. Anyone else have this happen?
  20. Bruce Arnold

    "Cool Tools" website has article on Luna Cycle DIY kit

    "Cool Tools" has an article by a guy who used a Luna Cycle kit to transform his "dad bike" into an ebike. He has some good observations on how the process went for him. Cool Tools is in my daily Feedly RSS feed. In some senses it is a successor to the old Whole Earth Catalog. Cool Tools...