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  1. NorthWestRider

    Is Bosch off on its speed calculations?

    I'm in the same boat with my speedo being overly optimistic. I set my tire size as small as possible and it's still about 0.5mph fast. Did I do extensive testing? No. Do I care that much? Not really. My bike goes in for its complimentary 250mi tune up so I'll post back if they "fix" it. The shop...
  2. NorthWestRider

    Commuter from Seattle -2019 Raleigh Redux ie owner here

    Hey all, Glad to be part of this community after lurking for months while determining the route I wanted to go with an ebike. I recently started commuting via bike again but always had to take the bus into work due to no showers at the office (I have lots of big hills in the Redmond/Microsoft...
  3. NorthWestRider

    2019 Raleigh Redux IE Step Over -First 70 miles commuting

    My previous ebike experience: None, other than a dozen test rides of other bikes. Purpose: Commuting. About 17 miles each way, 1.5 miles of which are gravel. A couple very big hills. My first impression is that it looks pretty plain Jane looking which is exactly what I wanted. My second choice...