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    Does The Air Smell Better With Fewer Smog Machines On The Road?

    It does here, I've noticed it on my walks:) How is it where you live and breath?
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    My City Commuter just shutdown.

    The bike turned on just fine, lights and display looked good. I turned the throttle and nothing happened, so I switched the battery off and on, but the bike will not come back on. I replaced the display because the odometer broke at about 5000 miles anyways, the new display didn't help, still no...
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    Has anyone ever heard of new "battery break in" ?

    I see it is recommended to fully charge the battery for "cell balancing", but I've never heard of a break in period as some suggest.
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    Continental Ride Cruiser Tires

    Someone sold me one new Continental ride cruiser 28x2.2 for $12, and I mounted it on the rear. I liked it so much I ordered another one for the front, and replaced my Big Ben's. These are a better tire in my opinion, bigger, better handling, and they really soak up the shock from bumps, even the...
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    Bike Locks

    LockPickingLawyer and Bosnianbill are both good lock review sources, here are two examples from 100s of LPLs tests. They break Chain locks, U-locks, folding locks, All locks. Litelok Gold Kryptonite Evolution Series 4 Bosnianbill testing Streetcuffs, my pair are 8 years old, and still...
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    Bike Polish

    I detailed my black City Commuter with Sunlite Pro Polish this weekend. It really deep cleaned the paint, and gave it a nice glossy finish (makes your bike look pretty darn spiffy ;). It's easy to use, just spray it on, wait for a minute, then buff with a cloth. I do wash the abrasive dirt off...
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    Fat Franks vs Big Bens vs Big Apple Balloon Tires?

    I'm looking at new tires for my 28" City Commuter, a nice ride is most important to me. Has anyone tried other balloons besides Fat Franks? I'm also wondering about size, will a 29" fit a 28" bike? Looks like it would be close.
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    How many miles do you have on your ebike?

    My 2014 Pedego City Commuter has almost 5000 miles on it. The only problem I've had is the lcd odometer, it stopped counting at 4100 miles, and switched itself into the metric mode of counting and I can't get it changed back. The battery is starting to lose capacity now, but it works fine and...