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  1. Operator7

    Stromer chargers - issues and replacement

    Hi guys and gals, curious if any of you have had any issues with your battery charger? I have an ST1 Platinum from 2015 with only mild usage (once per week during Spring and Summer). My charger fan has just died, and when I came back to the charger it was very hot and there was a burning smell...
  2. Operator7

    Pedals - do you use the stock or did you upgrade?

    Noobish ST1 Platinum owner here, back in action after not riding for a year due to busy schedule with work and school. I started riding again, and the stock pedals sometimes seem a little smallish. I don't know the first thing about pedals, and so I've just started researching. I definitely...
  3. Operator7

    Charger/Display unit not working?

    Hi guys and gals, Hope you all are well. My former eFlow bike is now in the hands of my boss/company. They came to me yesterday stating that they couldn't charge the bike. When I looked at things, it appears that the charging unit might not be working. I'm not sure, but when I plug the charger...
  4. Operator7

    Heads-up: 1UpUSA rack does not work with bikes that have rear rack

    I love a lot of things about my 1Up rack, that I recently purchased. I love the looks of it, I love the way that it is compact and doesn't extend far away from the car (which means more room for parking), I love the way it folds easily, I love how quick and easy it is to place bike on, clamp and...
  5. Operator7

    How many of you change your own flat tires?

    For those who do, how did you learn to do so? Is there any instructional video on how to do?
  6. Operator7

    Stromer instructional video on how to change a flat tire

    Is there one anywhere? If not, shouldn't one be created?
  7. Operator7

    Does anyone know what size seatpost collar the Stromer requires?

    I've been trying to get a rack installed for three weeks now... I have tried multiple collars, and the current one is a 31.8, which is just shy of the seatpost width. Has anyone out there purchased a seatpost collar for the Stromer, or do you know where I might try to call to find out what size...
  8. Operator7

    Trunk bag versus pannier

    Can y'all give me your feedback on a trunk bag versus pannier? I have a white bike, and pardon my vanity, but a white bag would look much nicer than a black one. I found a couple really nice looking white Ortlieb panniers, but no white trunk bag seems to exist. I really like the look of the...
  9. Operator7

    What kind of tail-light do you use?

    I really like but I recently discovered which seems a little more...
  10. Operator7

    Is the ST1 seatpost not high quality?

    I just purchased my second saddle, as I try different ones. I got the Respiro from REI, and really love the look and feel of it; however, no matter what I did, the seat kept tilting back. At first it tilted a good way back to where I had to make an emergency stop. I then got off, looked at the...
  11. Operator7

    Is it possible to install this rack?

    I just received the Axiom DLX Streamliner Disc Cycle Rack that I ordered, and there is a bar in the middle that is supposed to connect to the bike's frame (without having to install a seatpost connector). As a noob, I absolutely cannot figure out why this bar is shaped like this, and how it is...
  12. Operator7

    Are the Ergon PC2 pedals a significant upgrade?

    Very noob question here, but there is a sale at REI and these can be had for $43, so was wondering if they would be a big improvement over the pedals that come with the ST1?
  13. Operator7

    What kind of bell do you use?

    Well I took my brand new ST1 Plat for a very successful test ride yesterday, and one thing became very apparent to me - people do NOT look where they are going! Another thing became very apparent - the ST1 bell sucks. Someone had posted a pretty nice traditional style bell on this forum a...
  14. Operator7

    Does the ST1 only fit certain rear racks?

    I just received my white ST1, and I was hoping to go with this rack, because it is white - As I look at the...
  15. Operator7

    Dirt roads/paths?

    Hi guys and gals, Well I managed to get my boss to buy my Eflow for the office, and have ordered an ST1. The Eflow is great for commuting around the city, as it has plenty of torque, and the top speed of 28mph isn't needed. At any rate, my boss was asking me if he was able to ride this on a...
  16. Operator7

    Hitch or trunk rack, and weight limits

    Hi Everyone, Well I tried the method of putting the ebike into the trunk, and while it worked for one trip, it definitely isn't practical... having said that, I'm in the market for a hitch. Here is my dilemma: Trunk-mount racks are much cheaper; however, a 55lb bike seems like an awful lot to...
  17. Operator7

    Where should I buy a Body Float?

    Currently, the shop is out of stock on the Body Floats, so I need to purchase someplace else. Can anyone give me a suggestion on a good place to buy them from?
  18. Operator7

    ST1 versus OHM XU700 or XS750

    Hi everyone, I am considering the OHM versus Stromer. I would like to hear your feedback/opinions in comparing these. The OHM seems to be lighter, better acceleration, and even more battery; yet, the Stromer is of course, considered better looking by most. Also, the Stromer seems to be selling...
  19. Operator7

    OHM XU700LS versus XS750

    Can you all give me your take on the differences? I want to hear overall differences, but specifically am wondering about the XS, which seems to have a lot more power, battery and other features, yet the XU is geared towards commuting. I want to ride a bike both for fun and commuting, but...
  20. Operator7

    Can't get up to 23mph - bummed out

    Ok so I've JUST returned from my second ride... I mean to do a full report, but there is one big problem - I cannot get past 23mph. Here are some stats: I am 6 feet 200lbs (would like to lose 10 lbs, but I'm pretty athletic) I put full weight on bike before turning it on (tried this three...