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    250 w engines real power?

    Simple question, does the Yamaha Bosch Brose etc run at 250w max of they reach peaks? Read somewhere the Bosch CX can go up 600 or some Thanks
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    Bafang 750w hub geared + fixie gear

    Hi guys two questions if you don’t mind. Thanks a lot 1.Can the bafang 750w geared hub run with a fixed transmission? 2. Would it fit, maybe, with that just one pinion on the rear wheel into a normal bike frame? Thats all. Again, many thanks for your attention Regards. Prescott
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    36v vs 48v for climbing?

    Hi all mates. Im Prescott, new in this forum. My question is simple, i belive ... 500w 36v vs 750w 48v o even same wattages different voltage, wich gonna climb better? Read somewhere low voltage needs lower rpm but then is the torque, power, pedaling cadence etc Well, thats all by now Thanks