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    Trail Pictures - Juggernaut Ultra FS

    I took a few pictures during my ride yesterday. For being in the flat Midwest, we have some nice trails throughout the state thanks to MORC (MN Off Road Cyclists) and the Loppet foundation. This trail is less than 2 miles from my house and right in the middle of the city (Minneapolis). I can't...
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    Juggernaut Ultra FS - Initial Impressions

    My Juggernaut Ultra FS arrived last night and I took it out for a short ride this morning and thought I would share some impressions. Time from order to receiving was only 9 days. This included sitting in customs over the weekend and Monday. The box arrived in excellent condition with no...
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    Any Juggernaut owners in MPLS area?

    Just wondering if there are any Juggernaut owners in or around MPLS? I’m thinking of buying either an ultra or FS and would love to ride one first. I already own a commuter Ebike and want a mid drive fat tire bike too. in return you could ride my Juiced CCS.
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    Saw a Black CCS in MPLS at Crave west end 8/2/18

    I’m updating an old post as yesterday (8/2/18) I saw a black CCS locked at Crave in West end. Mine was locked up one stall away. Just curious if anyone here owns the bike. From my original post in April.... After I finished my ride today, I was out on my deck overlooking the Kennilworth trail...
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    Klunkerz - Great Documentary on Mountain Biking

    I just watched a documentary called Klunkerz on Amazon. It's a history of mountain Biking and its origin in the 1970's. Very well edited using archival footage and current interviews. What really struck me was how (IMHO) Ebikes today are in their infancy as mountain bikes were in the 70's. I...
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    Poll: Do you wear a helmet when riding

    I saw a thread today where the person posted about a crash and bought a helmet after the crash. That made me wonder how many people here where a helmet when riding. If you choose sometimes or never, I would be curious as to why. Hopefully we can keep this discussion respectful of a persons...