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    whats the best ebike for groceries? note I live in an apartment so would have to bring the bike in
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    rizebikes reputation?

    Has anyone ordered from this newish company? I know they are the old spark bikes but other than that don't know much about their current quality, thinking about ordering an ebike
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    Rize blade comfort?

    Anyone tested a rize blade bike yet? or something very similar? The only ebike I ever owner/tried was a voltbike mariner and didnt find it too comfortable over very long distances, I'm looking for a bike that has the most comfort , if the rize blade isnt what do you recommend? like the blade...
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    bike with comfy seat and big battery

    Hi.. I bought a voltbike marine a few years ago and like it.. however I'm looking for something with a bigger battery for more range.. still at 500W motor so its legal here in montreal, canada and id like acomfortable seat for those long rides.. anyone suggest something? is there like 48V 20AH...
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    Mariner 500w motor

    anyone know if the gears inside the mariner 500w motor are plastic or metal gears? And the lifetime expectancy of this motor? Thanks
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    Voltbike mariner limited 500w

    Hi, I ordered my first ebike yesterday from, I chose the mariner 500w limited. I'm 6'0, 260lbs.. Will it be a comfortable ride for me in general? I'm used to a 27.5" louis garneau regular hybrid bike for the past year. Thanks. Claudio