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  1. baxterblack

    2019 Haibike Fullseven LT 3

    LBS put an internally routed crank bros dropper post on my Haibike
  2. baxterblack

    Fat bikes a fad?

    I have a Haibike Full Fat 6 seven... Fun.Fun.+Fun ride everywhere and anywhere
  3. baxterblack

    I hope that Haibike is here to stay...

    HaiBike USA has been much more active on social media lately ...
  4. baxterblack

    NYT on Ebikes today:

    Many of us are entering a new stage of pandemic grief: adaptation. We are asking ourselves: How do we live with this new reality? For many Americans, part of the solution has been to buy an electric bike. The battery-powered two-wheelers have become a compelling alternative for commuters who...
  5. baxterblack

    NYT on Ebikes today:
  6. baxterblack

    8 Reasons why People Don’t Ride Bikes

    cyclists and pedestrians safety is the biggest issue -WAY too many people texting looking down only scanning for cars
  7. baxterblack

    30 Chinese Cities are on Level 1 lockdown

    article posted by OP in January - story from June '19. --- CBC Canada is no joke - - Is there more to this ?
  8. baxterblack

    30 Chinese Cities are on Level 1 lockdown

    Wow- this is weird to see your post 3 months later .... not to hijack your post, but was there more detail about this and was it Covid 19 related?
  9. baxterblack

    30 Chinese Cities are on Level 1 lockdown

    It is painful to look at the date of the original post by Mike's and see the info that was available in late January. Our Federal Government was asleep at the wheel.
  10. baxterblack

    Only 7 mile range on new BPM Ultra fat-tire bike. Am I doing something wrong?

    I'm 225 - Haibike full fat 6 seven 4 inch tires also ,and ave 40+ miles with 20% battery remaining
  11. baxterblack

    Full Suspension vs. Fat Tire

    Agree 100% .
  12. baxterblack

    Full Suspension Class 3 E-bike Availability

    Haibike - I have a Full Fat Six 7 -love it- great for all types of riding
  13. baxterblack

    National Park Service allows E-Bikes in Cape Cod National Sea shore . WELLFLEET, Mass— Cape Cod National Seashore will allow electric bicycles (e-bikes) along with traditional bicycles on park bicycle trails and...
  14. baxterblack

    ebikes on rail trails from both sides...

    E-Bikes allow for a much better-shared trail experience, here is why: Bikes SHOULD slow down to anticipate the unknown... for example, a toddler walking or with a new bike. The truth is you don't know if or when a child or a family with a leashed dog will "stray" even a few feet. Most...
  15. baxterblack

    Trek Allant+ 8S -2020 Model - Amazing style and value at $4299

    don't recognize the value -, based on my research and purchase decision. $2500 or less would earn tremendous value designation
  16. baxterblack

    York County,Pa. USA YCP Bans all ebikes on local rail trail

    Nice people for bikes ebike informative share as it relates to Fed policy :
  17. baxterblack

    National parks = eBikes
  18. baxterblack

    York County,Pa. USA YCP Bans all ebikes on local rail trail

    copy of 8/30/2019 Fed policy memorandum :