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    Anybody know how to remove my front wheel wheel?

    I'm trying to find out how to remove my front wheel on this bike. Anybody know the secret to removing this bad boy? The power wire feeds in from the axle and I'm trying to determine how to remove the wheel so I can test why I'm not getting power to my hub. Thanks!
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    I need a new thumb throttle - anybody know what kind this is?

    I've been working on getting my new-to-me 2009 kilowattbikes cruiser running. Tonight i wired in a battery replacement which seems to work well. I placed in a 36v rather than a 24v as the capacitors seemed capable. Quick test seems positive. When i got the bike the thumb throttle lever platform...
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    Any idea what battery pack i need?

    I recently purchased an ebike (a 2009 kilowattbikes cruiser) without the battery pack. The overall dimensions of the battery area are 17" long X 5.25" wide X 2.25" tall. Ive attached images of the connection, a 2 prong connector as pictured. Im trying to determine the battery i could order that...
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    2009 Kilowattbikes cruiser - what battery does it take? are there any good substitutes?

    Hey everyone! I just picked up a slightly used Killowat bike ebike. from what i can determine it's a 2009 killowatbikes cruiser. Overall its in good condition, however the removable battery pack and key are missing. I am wondering if i can purchase a battery pack that would fit the prong...