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  1. Mark_0

    Anyone using the schwalbe Supreme 2.0 Tire

    Thank you!
  2. Mark_0

    Anyone using the schwalbe Supreme 2.0 Tire

    Ravi what size Marathon Plus do you use? The 26x2 doesn't have the E-Bike 50 rating but the 26x1.75 does. Will there be a problem fitting the smaller tire?
  3. Mark_0

    St2 battery scuff marks

    I have the same gouges on the battery - cant see how they are caused though. How did you adjust the headstock?
  4. Mark_0

    Stromer ST2 irregular assist issue

    I had exactly the same problem cycling away from a stop. And I found out that it has something to do with changing down gears as you prepare. Something must happen to the logic in the control system. So I gave up changing down as I came to a stop. And the problem disappeared completely. Very...
  5. Mark_0

    How many of you change your own flat tires?

    I've changed the rear four times now for flats on my ST2. 2,700 miles of cycling. It is pretty difficult for one person to do it on the side of the road without a stand like in that video. A few tips; Take out the battery. Reduces the weight considerably. Plus you should power it off anyway...
  6. Mark_0

    Battery Charger issue /usage

    Yes this happens a lot. I plug into the wall socket first then into the bike. I then watch that the LEDs turn yellow and green. Both solid. And then after a few seconds the unit makes a click. If none of that happens, particularly that click then it doesn't charge. If any of this doesn't happen...
  7. Mark_0

    Racktime bags

    I don't think it will hold a laptop. I can just about get an iPad in the top part along with tools, pump, inner tube and lock. The volume is ok but the dimensions of the iPad make zipping up difficult, it's right on the limit. The two fold-out side panniers are small. You could split a change of...
  8. Mark_0

    Shockstop bike stem

    Has anyone seen this Kickstarter campaign for a flexible handlebar stem? Looks like a nice complement to the Bodyfloat. Do you think it would fit on an ST2?
  9. Mark_0

    Tricking up the down tube

    Nice. What is that attached to your down tube?
  10. Mark_0

    Body Float / Thudbuster for ST2

    Where did you get that light that is attached to your Racktime bag?
  11. Mark_0

    Perspective on the ST2

    On the iPhone. In the App go to Tuning, touch the arrow next to the current tuning setup (near the top right of the screen), touch Edit and a delete symbol will appear next to your custom settings, touch that symbol to delete the setting.
  12. Mark_0

    Ebike mirror for my ST2

    I use the Mirrycle MTB Bar End Mirror and love it. I've got so used to using it that I keep looking in that direction on my regular road bike that doesn't have one! I think I'll be getting a second one soon :)
  13. Mark_0

    ST2 Rain/Water Seal Performance?

    I've cycled in huge down pours with no issues - even in hail once although I had to dive into a gas station for cover as it was very painful. We also had a lot of flooding here on some of the bike paths I use. A couple of times my foot was underwater on the down stroke of the pedal. I was more...
  14. Mark_0

    Bike Lock Mount on ST2

    I don't like carrying the huge u lock I have so I'm looking forward to this new lock that I backed on Kickstarter. I should easily be able to carry it in my Racktime bag.
  15. Mark_0

    Stromer ST2 Pulsing (Please vote)

    Yes I get the pulsing too. Always in setting 3 assist. And usually after a steep hill. And I agree with Ravi it is due to the torque settings and the bike trying to adjust to your riding. In fact if you watch your bike display you can see the little power bar go up and then disappear. That is...
  16. Mark_0

    Wet weather riding

    Yep me too. Although I got caught in the hail once. Painful and had to stop and wait in a gas station!
  17. Mark_0

    Exploding Rear Tires?

    Rick is it possible to buy the Stromer version of the tire? Looks like you got a replacement direct from Stromer. I can't find the customer version on the Schwalbe web site.
  18. Mark_0

    change pin

    Details for that are shown here;
  19. Mark_0

    reset trip meter on st2

    Touch and hold the display screen until a message pops up asking if you want to reset the trip data.
  20. Mark_0

    Flat tires - how much of a problem should I expect?

    I guess Stromer learned from this because it is WAY easier to fix a puncture on the ST2. The details are in their online manual;