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  1. Ed I

    Stromer st1 v1 sport

    Just bought one. Is this a real stromer? What racks fit? Can lights be wired in? Not much info on the sport. Mine has suspension front fork and single chain ring. The LCD screen is hard to see. I put a suntour suspension seat post on it. It rides real nice. I will post a few pics when I can
  2. Ed I

    New Magnum UI5

    I picked up a newUI5 as when I test rode t it was pretty zippy and very comfortable. No hills to test it on though. I told the sales guy I needed a good hill climber and this was one of the bikes he recommended. Got it home and tried riding up he hill by my house and it was a dud. I had it...
  3. Ed I

    New forum member from Wisconsin

    Hello everyone! I have been reading every review on this site. Thank you Court. I just brought home an Easy Motion Evo Jet. I rode it about 12 miles in 92 degree humid weather. It was a breeze! I look forward to learning more from you guys and sharing my experiences with you