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    Looking for tips for transporting laptop

    I use either a pannier with a padded laptop sleeve or a backpack with a laptop compartment. My thought is that on the pannier the laptop probably takes more shock since its directly on the rack. In my backpack it usually takes very little shock since I stop pedaling and get up off the seat a...
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    Smart phone app?

    I am wondering this as well. Did you ever get an answer?
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    Use a non-Faraday rack?

    Thanks for the reply. I went for the Faraday rack and I think I'll be happy with it.
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    Use a non-Faraday rack?

    I just picked up a Porteur S. I want to put a rear rack on the bike. I am wondering if anyone knows if a regular rack would work or if only the Faraday ones would fit. Thanks for any info. Mike