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  1. HumanitiesHaze

    Lost a light level on my Dash Battery

    The light came back and it's confirmed 100% on the diagnostics. I ran it down to 1 bar a couple times and gave it an overnight charge. Now it's back! :D I don't think it likes those "top off" charges.
  2. HumanitiesHaze

    Lost a light level on my Dash Battery

    I even tried to store it properly for the winter. About 75% charged in my house so it was nice and warm. I also wonder if my "top up" charges have affected it. Where I'll do 5-7 miles, come back toss it on the charger for an hour and go back out for another 10+. My bike will be a year old this...
  3. HumanitiesHaze

    IZIP E3 Dash Video Review

    Love my 2015 Dash. I got 2650 miles on it. Only thing I did was get pedal extenders and a shock post. Still original brakes. It has been flawless.
  4. HumanitiesHaze

    Lost a light level on my Dash Battery

    Just happened this week. The #8 diagnosis on the panel says a full charge is around 79% and I only get 4 lights on the actual battery. I figure I have about 125 charges on the battery @ 2580 miles, which I guess is in line of the 300 charge life of the battery. At this rate I'll need to spend...
  5. HumanitiesHaze

    Court, can you compare the 2015 Dash against the 2016?

    I do love the silent hub on my 2015. I prefer not to have people know what I'm driving. Plus I love the twist throttle (ex dirt bike rider here) . The mid-motor looks to have 33ft/lbs more torque than the hub,but the hub spins faster.
  6. HumanitiesHaze

    Court, can you compare the 2015 Dash against the 2016?

    No that's great topcatken. Any comparison is wanted.
  7. HumanitiesHaze

    Court, can you compare the 2015 Dash against the 2016?

    You drove both of them. Looks like in your review the 500 Hub motor responded better than the mid-motor. For those of us thinking about an upgrade would you recommend it? Which one is faster to 20mph , 28mph, better hill climber? The range doesn't look like it improved much at all by going to...
  8. HumanitiesHaze

    High Voltage Sumo!

    You better turn around, you got about 7 miles left of juice. :D
  9. HumanitiesHaze

    2014 E3 Peak 'Button Pad' replacement

    coming from a 2014 Dash to a 2015 I can tell you the new button pad is much better.
  10. HumanitiesHaze

    The 2016's are live on izips site

    Hopefully Court can pull a comparison together.
  11. HumanitiesHaze

    The 2016's are live on izips site

    It's a different bike, but yes.
  12. HumanitiesHaze

    The 2016's are live on izips site

    Looking at the Dash the torque has gone up considerable from 40nm to 73nm! That should climb some hills. HIGHLIGHTS Class 3, 28 mph speed 350W Currie Electro-Drive® Centerdrive System 73 NM of Torque 48V down tube battery Fully equipped 700c pavement warrior...
  13. HumanitiesHaze

    What do you all think of the 2016 IZIP models? Anyone going to upgrade?

    I love my throttle, just creeping around slowly in parks I wouldn't want to give it up. A button wouldn't be the same. Also, the brakes are fine, I bought one of those 3d metal printed brake tools for $12 so I don't have to take the rear wheel off to adjust the brakes. It's amazing! I recommend...
  14. HumanitiesHaze

    Joining the Dash club.......

    Congrats on the Dash! I love mine. The only commute issue I have is the bike is a lot heavier than most bikes, so it dented my truck when I used a bike rack this summer. (The pedal was smashing into it).. lol other than that, I can get about 23 miles on PAS3 (Hills/headwind etc). I wish I had...
  15. HumanitiesHaze

    Dash Commuting Report -- 1 year and 5,000+ miles(long post)

    I put 1500 miles on my 2015 this summer with no issues. Glad to hear they'll hold up.
  16. HumanitiesHaze

    Dash getting center drive?

    The center Drive will have far more torque (I think Tranz-x claims 70nm of torque compared to 40nm of the 500 hub). So it will be better on hills. Couple things to note, the dash loses throttle mode with this battery (Which I love), along with Cruise Control. Also it's upgraded to hydraulic...
  17. HumanitiesHaze

    Very cool if it actually works

    800w on a 25v battery.... hmmm
  18. HumanitiesHaze

    2015 Dash Run away...

    I disabled my brake cut off on my 2014, it was a simple thing to do, I got pics if you're interested. Just need a small piece of solder.
  19. HumanitiesHaze

    Raced a Storm fat bike this weekend

    Ran into a happy Storm owner, this weekend. We ended up swapping bikes for a mile or so. Then we dragged raced in throttle mode. No contest, I smoked him pretty bad (E3 Dash). Fun to drive though, handles slow due to the tires, and @ 6'4" it is way too small of a bike for me. I set him up on...