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  1. JRA

    MVDP on e

    Even the best are finding benefits riding eBikes and taking heat for it in the comments....
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    This article really hits the nail on the head regarding the interaction between auto's and bicycles I feel: I assume that most of the posters here also drive cars and see this as much if not more than when on a bike? The three foot rule to avoid...
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    Segway to stop production

    Personally I have always thought the Segway was weird and overhyped by some pretty big hitters as described here BITD: When the owner drove one over a cliff I had forgotten they...
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    e750d OS Groadster

    Pieced together a TSDZ2 running OS software on an OS Blackbuck hardtail. 48v/18Ah/21700 cell HL type battery Advent 9spd drivetrain 11/42 Hayes Trail brakes 750d/40c Nanoraptors/Handbuilt wheels with generic hubs and 311mm spokes... WTB headset and saddle Ti post I had kicking...
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    eBike deals you can't believe

    Post up the good and the bad..... Here's a good starter:
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    Almost done with a new bike build. Steel frame drop bar 40c tires and Grin AllAxle 12mm thru axle front hub motor. This is the third bike I have built in this fashion and looking to be the best yet. Front hub motors are not at all popular but I see no logical reason why. I wouldn’t spec one on...
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    How heavy is your eBike, and do you care?

    So much chatter about light eBikes that I personally feel is an oxymoron at least according to my needs. Sure as light a bike as possible has many attributes in the push bike marketplace that has ruled for years but eBikes, while in the same family, are the country cousins who shouldn't be...
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    2170 batteries

    I have now totally switched over to 2170 cell batteries. I put together 2250wh's, 3 batteries one 52v 780wh/48v 576wh/48v 864wh, for $1.60/wh. I have three bikes and this is the first time I will not have to share a battery between them. I can use the 52v and 48v on my front hub eAnyRoad bikes...
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    A feel good story Chapeau Buddy!
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    Nidec Japanese Mid Drive

    This motor has been under development for awhile and looks to be a nice contender for the road bike set looking for a light weight, relatively, booster: I like this one for mtb use though @ 700w 95nm...
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    Line blurer

    This bike has been under development for awhile and seems to be making a play for a market share: Clearly not something that could ever be considered to fit into any eBike classification as it is just way to overpowered to...
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    ICE prior to e?

    Got interested in motor assist back in 2001 as a way to alleviate some auto time and replace it with bike time, much like it has morphed into today. My first effort was a simple friction drive 2stroke mounted on a 29”er. It showed me the proof of concept but was loud and stinky. Did a lot that...
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    NAHBS 2019

    This show held every year at locations around the US is the premier venue for the custom bicycle builders here and abroad to put their work on display. New Atlas always provides some good visual coverage of the show. Mostly non e but a few e gems mixed in...
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    Battery breakthrough?

    Every so often news of next level battery technology makes the news cycles. Most are little more than concepts that are strictly lab experiments but perhaps this graphene-Li battery will happen? At potentially 2.5 times the energy density in the same size enclosure it would be a benefit for...
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    Icelandic Illusion

    This makes me smile: All bike lane markers should be like this as well!
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    Cordless portable air inflators

    I have noticed watching CycloX races this winter that in the pits there are cordless drill looking tools being used as tire inflators. Knowing that cordless tools are available to just about anything these days I took a trip down Google Ave. and of course came up with a variety of options...
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    Wish I had one of these when I lived in Crested Butte! But the free bus wasn't a bad option....However getting to the back country winter trailheads would have been doable with this:
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    Around the World in 205 days What an amazing feat from someone so young. How many watt hrs would that take on an eBike?
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    Ruff eBikes enter US market

    Another manufacturer enters the fray: High quality forward control cruisers with a hefty price tag EU 5499.
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    Fazua systems factory tour

    The Graber/Vivax system that mounts in the seat tube and has gotten press for being a bit too stealthy and found used in sanctioned racing causing the UCI to start using technology that detects any type of electric motor is for sure the most compact e motor system available. However due to the...