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  1. kphelan

    Direct Replacement Battery for 2018 RadMini?

    I am looking for a 52V battery for my 2018 RadMini. Looking at the BafangUSADirect site, I am unsure if their 52V Dolphin battery will be plug&play. Also unsure if a 52V battery will require a new display unit and/or controller. All comments appreciated. Thanks.
  2. kphelan

    2018 RadMini Shutdown While Hill Climbing

    This is also posted in the FB Rad PowerBike Users group. Sorry for cross-posting but I am a newb looking for answers. I am a RadMini one-week owner. I was out for a ride this morning on 2 lane country roads with numerous hills. I try to ride in PAS-2 for the exercise, and use the gears...