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    Don’t buy a specialised Levo

    I joined the ebike family a while back with the purchase of a 2015 Specialized Turbo X. I had a situation much like the OP, I forged on because I loved to ride that damn bike. Eventually Specialized said “You know what, you’ve had enough problems with the bike, we are gonna send a new one for...
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    2015 Specialized Turbo service manual or how to I remove the rear brake line?

    Cool! Glad to have helped. It is very over engineered and kind of a pain.
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    2015 Specialized Turbo service manual or how to I remove the rear brake line?

    You need to remove the battery and a rubber piece that runs down the middle. I think it’s a 2mm hex to remove the “holders” of that brake line. I think there are six? There was an owners manual but it does not mention how to do this operation, it was actually very limited.
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    Specialized Turbo Como 3.0

    Nice bike!
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    Mission control app doesn't detect my Vado Bike

    Bluetooth functionality has not been enabled yet for the Vado series, why...I don’t know. Weirdly, it works with the Levo series just fine.
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    Longest Single Ride Yet!

    Douglas, did you notice a difference after hitting 20% left on the battery? I know bike goes into full cripple mode and is probably doing something like eco 10, not totally sure because the display does not give any information that I remember. Anyway, nice info...
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    Best tire for the wet

    I like the Specialized Infinity 700x47. Armadillo protection(most) with a reflective strip to boot. Up front I actually use the Trigger that came with the bike and love this set up. Things get a little slippery when passing a man hole cover on a turn but otherwise this set up has been great for...
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    Vado 5.0

    About chains, Check with your LBS to see if they can check the wear on the chain. Everyone has a different tool they prefer, I use the Park Tool chain checker and found that in four months the chain that came on my X was blown out. Bought the sram 1071 chain and got at least 4K out of that chain...
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    Specialized Turbo X 2015 - Review

    Should be a good buy considering the retail was $4k. Ride the bike and see if there are any quirks like power cutting out when you hit a bump, weird noises(the bike should be virtually silent) and Check the display back light. If you are worried about the battery, take it to a Specialized...
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    My Life with a Vado 5.0; I Want Out

    The software thing is weird. Are the mountain bike levo that different than the Vado? I was able to connect to two different levos using the mission control app. I will see if I can connect to the new 6 we just got. Update: I guess the mountain bikes are different than the Vado’s. Could not get...
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    Should I keep my Turbo Vado plugged in all winter?

    Like everyone in this thread, leave it un plugged.
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    Turbo Levo Tuning

    Doing a hack like this is pretty much going to hose you if it is traceable. Is it traceable? I don’t know...If a LBS can’t find any trace of something being done then you should be fine but SBC may be sending new tools to dealers if this hack is causing warranty issues. As for top speed, I’ve...
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    Battery Charging

    Another thing is that that the battery will read anyway from 96-100% dependent on when you pull the plug. To note, 100% immediately drops to 96% once you get on the pedals.
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    Bad Experience Changing Out Rotor

    Update to this thread, do not over torque the 2MM because it will not allow the through axle to to be inserted. Changing a broken spoke I decided to really tighten that screw and 30 mins later finally figured out why the axle wouldn’t go back in. Just an FYI
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    Turbo Owners -- What's your total mileage? [OFFICIAL MILEAGE THREAD]

    To date I have 7564miles but on two different bikes...I love riding this beast!
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    Turbo Levo chain questions

    Generally in scenario 2, shifting accurately becomes a problem and other weirdness pops up. I have roughly 3500 miles and have changed the chain once and had to adjust the b tension to get the shifting back to normal. I have noticed in the past week though that a weird sticky shift problems...
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    Where is the restriction?

    Weirdly, we got a new 500W hub for our shop Turbo S and limit is now around 33mph! Not sure why or how. I’ve gone through several batteries and motors on my Turbo X and they all feel different for what ever reason...kinda weird.
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    Vado 5 battery life

    I have a Turbo X and I almost never get a 100% charge. Even when it reads 100, a few strokes of the pedal will send it to 96-98%. I think it has more to do with software tolerances than actual battery performance.
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    The new turbo Vado 2017

    2015 Turbo X does not have the Bluetooth function built in...the 2016 does. The Bluetooth functionality comes from the battery so if you are able to buy a battery with Bluetooth option on the battery you can do some of the Mission Control app stuff.
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    Battery setting?

    Acceleration can be adjusted via the computer cable interface. Possibly when hooked up to your bike, the settings may have been reset. Take the bike back to the shop and ask to have acceleration value maxed.