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    bike rack confusion--Please help!

    So, we are a family of 4, 1 ebike 3 acoustics. We are desperately trying to figure out how to transport them so that we can go riding. We have a Toyota Sequoia. We were thinking that we could haul them in a utility trailer but for the life of us can't find anything that we think would work...
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    PVC bike rack for a utility trailer

    Has anyone made one of these for 4 bikes? I have seen them for truck beds but was just curious if anyone has done this for a trailer. Thank you!
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    ebike insurance

    Sorry if this has been discussed, I searched and did not find. Does anyone have this? If so, can you please explain? Thank you!
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    I finally got my bike!!!

    I picked up my Electra Townie Commute Go yesterday. I rode it as soon as we got home! It was nice.....but made a few adjustments to seat that night and rode this morning.....LOVE IT!!!!!! We went out to breakfast. I had ridden the same route on a regular bike last year and had to end up...
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    who makes this bike rack?

    Saw this bike rack this morning and wanted to get more information. Anyone know who make this?
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    bike rack on a utility trailer for 4 bikes What are your thoughts on this in an utility trailer bolted down? We have 4 bikes that we would be hauling. Mine is the only ebike.
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    Well, I did it.....

    I ordered my first electric bike. I got an Electra Townie Commute Go! Should be ready next week for me to pick up! Very excited! I am hoping that this is going to open up my world to biking with my kids!
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    Virginia Riding

    Can anyone recommend places to ride in Virginia (specifically near Richmond--I am already aware of the Capital Trail). Thank you so much!
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    Commute Go

    Thinking of getting this ebike. Anyone have one with some words of wisdom? Thank you!
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    Battery and beach

    hey guys, I hopefully have a quick question....I have noticed that everything says not to subject the batteries to too cold or too hot. If you ride your bike on a hot day and stop but are staying outside, what do you do with the battery?
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    New to the ebike world and would love your opinions!

    Hi there! My name is Corrie and I am trying to navigate the ebike world. I tried a Pedego cruiser and loved the position and easy of the ride. I liked the throttle too, however, I didn't like the price! I then saw Cort's review of the RadCity step thru and thought this would be perfect...