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  1. Mat Cooper

    Gi FlyBike

    Yeh spot on! They were 2 heavy points that were drawing me in. I would love to give this a test ride one day :D
  2. Mat Cooper


    Gday, My name is Mat, Decided that I want to get an EBike and I have been on the look out for which one I want for a while now. Came across the EBR videos on youtube and found them really informative and good to watch, Court (sorry if I spelled that wrong) seems like a real genuine bloke...
  3. Mat Cooper

    Gi FlyBike

    Hey all, Just thought I would make a thread on this bike. I was very close to backing this project when it was on Kickstarter, such a tidy looking bike, useful folding mechanism and I also thought it looked awesome :) They had another round of funding on Indiegogo. The price seemed pretty good...