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  1. Shaggy

    $10,000 off Haibike FullSeven Carbon 10.0 ? Buy it or not?

    On ebay is the Full Seven Carbon for $6999. (originally $16,999!) which Court reviewed before. Is it worth the $6,999? The seller is Crosslake Sales (I can't find any negative reviews about them). This is a lot of money for me. Any advice? ebay listing...
  2. Shaggy

    new Bosch Kiox display - Not Nyon, but close
  3. Shaggy

    Better guide to deciphering Haibike product lines

    I've posted before about my difficulty in sorting out Haibike's product lines. This one page of bikes gave me a better idea as I scrolled down the page -- you will note the front shock travel distances that seems to indicate the duty to which each is made (or aimed at, marketing-wise) in 2017...
  4. Shaggy

    14 Ebikes Tested (new article - only 2 weeks old)

    Likely, you will want to select 'English' at the top of the page: We are seeing the Magura brand more and more, including their Boltron ebike-specific fork. The takeaway is that just b/c mfgr states that it's specifically...
  5. Shaggy

    Haibike Recall--Fork Defect >>> "...the fork of Haibike Race, Superrace and Urban models show premature breaking when being exposed to above-standard endurance tests. Therefore, the fork may suffer from rupture or a break. This poses an enormous safety and injury risk for every...
  6. Shaggy

    Anyone have a 1-page guide to decipher Haibike names ?

    This may be the best one-page guide to haibikes. I'm a 2016 haibikes-on-sale shopper, but I was dismayed at how Haibike complicated its product lines even more with the 2017 line. If anyone has a better guide, please...
  7. Shaggy

    Want a comparo of Haibike models to decipher features vs pricing

    I have watched Court's youtube reviews for a couple of years before focusing on Haibike as the brand to buy. Problem is I still have not deciphered their feature-laden product line. For example, Haibike XDURO Pro is an 11speed with an extra large ring for climbing vs 10 speed XDURO Nduro RX...