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  1. kphelan

    Changing RadMini gear ratios

    This is brilliant. Thank you for your detailed and concise analysis. I've had my Mini for one month and have been looking for this exact answer. Thank you.
  2. kphelan

    Direct Replacement Battery for 2018 RadMini?

    I am looking for a 52V battery for my 2018 RadMini. Looking at the BafangUSADirect site, I am unsure if their 52V Dolphin battery will be plug&play. Also unsure if a 52V battery will require a new display unit and/or controller. All comments appreciated. Thanks.
  3. kphelan

    Rad mini fenders These are the same standard fender types sold by RAD in the past. Excellent quality that holds up.
  4. kphelan

    RadRover no longer goes 24.7mph anymore..

    If you are saying you reprogrammed your display to 26" wheel size, that may be your problem. I am a new Mini owner, and when I looked at the programming on my display it was set at 22". The RadMini has 20" wheels. I reset my display to 20", thinking it was programmed incorrectly. I then went...
  5. kphelan

    2018 RadMini Shutdown While Hill Climbing

    Thanks everyone. I suspected as much, I simply overheated the system. I will watch closely and try to learn when this might happen again. I am a very newbie on this bike (odometer 36 miles).
  6. kphelan

    2018 RadMini Shutdown While Hill Climbing

    This is also posted in the FB Rad PowerBike Users group. Sorry for cross-posting but I am a newb looking for answers. I am a RadMini one-week owner. I was out for a ride this morning on 2 lane country roads with numerous hills. I try to ride in PAS-2 for the exercise, and use the gears...