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  1. cyber6

    Torque or cadence

    Hall effect cadence (speed) sensing
  2. cyber6

    Updated Téo models for 2018? He said a little specs in that FB post: - Upgraded Brakes (180 mm) - More Torque (dont know if it's the motor or the controller) - Zero Start Trottle - New...
  3. cyber6

    bike locks, what's the pick?(ha)

    I have one too and it's very usefull! When you lock your bike and everyones around hear the "Arm" chirp, then stay away from it! And the flashing light working well, activate with the handlebar remote. Replace my bell too I'll also seriously considering the Abus foldable lock!
  4. cyber6

    Teo Bike Accessories

  5. cyber6

    Teo Bike Accessories

    WoW ! Look Very Nice!! Very expensive for Canadian buyers ( around 100$ each including delivery) but I think I'll ordering a set. :)