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  1. eliot3b4

    Electric Bike with battery on a car bike rack.

    When I first purchased the Trek Super Commuter 7+ and read the manual and the associated Bosch manual, the advice was not to transport the ebike on a car battery rack with the battery installed on the bike. Made sense since the Trek Suer Commuter is very heavy to begin with. I now own the...
  2. eliot3b4

    2020 Cannondale Synapse Neo 1First Impression

    The 2020 Cannondale Synapse Neo 1 was received yesterday, and I managed to squeeze in 5 mile ride before I began to get cold (41 degrees (f) and a light wind). Here is my first impression on this bike. WOW! This feels like a road bike and she is like a wild Mustang wanting to go throttle wide...
  3. eliot3b4

    2020 Cannondale Synapse NEO 1 vs 2019 Cannondale Synapse NEO difference?

    I'm looking to purchase the 2020 Cannondale Synapse NEO 1 and am wondering what is the difference beware the 2020 model vs the 2019 mode. I note the 2020 is a lot cheaper than the 2019 model, so what has. changed?
  4. eliot3b4

    For Sale: Trek Super Commuter 7+ $1,800.

    2018 Trek Super Commuter+. Excellent bike to ride on the road. Small. Suspension seat post and replaced stock seat with comfortable seat. Approximately 1500 hours on the bike. Just had it serviced and the updates installed. $1,800. Located in Maine. Will ship professionally. Photos available...
  5. eliot3b4

    Trek super commuter 8

    Looking t upgrade to a super commuter 8. Any thoughts? What is the distance and how long does the battery last with constant peddling?