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    Shimano steps - is the battery and drive train waterproof?

    After a day of avoiding creek crossings I am wondering how waterproof the e8000 might be. I know S says "waterproof for heavy rain" but that to me is more "water resistant". Can I have the drive train and/or battery under water while crossing a creek? Any experience from other users would be useful.
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    Computer error

    On two different bikes, Cannondales with Steps, we have had our "computer" reset to a previous reading. For instance, yesterday it should have read 51km at the nd of my ride but when it reached 46 it reset to 36. The total distance also went backward. My partner's bike also did the same a couple...
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    Shimano charger

    I am trying to replace the male battery plug on the charger for my ED E-6000 battery. It seems to be a proprietory plug. Anyone know where I can find one without buying a new charger?