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    Allant+7 thoughts/review

    The two Trek stores I shopped said the rack set up on the 8 is a huge negative for shoppers. They said they've lost sales because of it.
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    Allant+7 thoughts/review

    I'm about 3 weeks in with an Allant 7 low step. Initially ordered an Allant 8 with stagger frame. Changed my mind due to 1) stagger frame is not much different than the regular frame, I really like the low step, makes the bike a lot easier to use (I'm 68, 235 lbs.) and, 2) the rack on the 8...
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    How big a market for step through?

    I'm all in on step thru's. When you're of a certain age, and/or have other specific limitations, they make all the sense in the world. I predict we will see way more in the years ahead.
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    ALLANT 7S vs. 8S... decisions, decisions....

    I went with the 7, mainly because I wanted a true step-thru. I ordered an 8s stagger (mainly for the bigger battery), but changed to the 7 because the stagger frame wasn't much different than the regular frame and they couldn't install a regular rear rack on the 8, due to the ridiculous design...
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    What's your plan for a flat tire 10 miles from home?

    Ride only in areas with cell coverage. Call spouse in case of emergency or breakdown.
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    Recommend a bike rack for ebike with fenders

    Just installed a Hollywood sport rider e bike rack. Allant bike is on order so I cant comment on mounting the bike, but, as a frame mount rack, it should work. I am extremely impressed with the build quality of this rack. It's really stout, almost all metal, and pretty heavy. Doesn't look...
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    How skilled are you in fixing your ebike ?

    Unskilled. That's why I bought from a LBS. At 68, I'm not interested in learning ebike maintenance. Bought the bike to ride it, not repair it.
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    E Bike rack Reccomendation

    I did a pretty exhastive search. My conclusion: to transport an ebike safely and without a lot of inconvenience to you and possible damage to the bike, you need a hitch rack. May need to bite the bullet.
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    Recommend a bike rack for ebike with fenders

    Just ordered a Hollywood sport rider SE with frame clamp. For Allant 8. Was advised by many sources not to attempt to clamp to fenders, even strong metal ones, also, not to clamp low angle to the tires. Easy fold is largely unobtanium, otherwise might have tried that. The Hollywood seems...
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    Help with bike choice

    Glad I asked the question, lots of good info, thanks. My simplistic understanding: Nm rating indicates torque, torque capability is the most essential spec relating to hill climbing performance (in my case, moving a 230 lb. human up a suburban hill at a moderate, non strained, cadence). Watt...
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    Help with bike choice

    PatriciaK: Thanks. One of my local shops has one of these to test. If I may, I'm 230 lbs., are you anywhere near that? It's pretty important for hills. I think the nm on that bike is around 60 (?). Not a lot compared to other options.
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    Help with bike choice

    Looking for some guidance from experienced riders here. I'm new to e bikes. I'm 68, 6'2", 230 lbs. What I'm looking for: -comfortable, mostly upright riding position -lots of hill climbing power, good range -low step frame -mostly paved road riding, some light gravel/dirt -Class 1 or 3 I want...
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    I have a cross lite evo wave on order.
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    Como 4 vs Como 5

    Biggest change, I think, was to new gen 4 bosch motor/battery. There may be other changes too, never looked at a 2019.
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    Como 4 vs Como 5

    I ordered it, hasn't arrived yet, should be this week. Liked it a lot testing it and it met all my needs, so, hopefully it will be great.
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    How big a market for step through?

    I just ordered one. Anything that makes it easier to get on and off a bike is a win for me. I'm in my late 60's. The popularity is probably largely driven by age.
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    Como 4 vs Como 5

    If you have a Bulls dealer nearby I suggest you also check out the new cross lite evo. It has the new Bosch gen 4 motor with 625wh. Lots of hill power. I test rode it and the Como, and some others, and it was my favorite. Como was second for me. Bulls was just as comfy with a mostly upright...
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    I can’t stand it anymore

    As in "snuck," e.g. he snuck in. No such word, past tense is sneaked. But nobody uses it. Snuck is now recognized in most dictionaries as a colloquialism.
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    Boomer and balance

    Just ordered a Bulls bike from Small Planet Ebikes in Longmont. If you're anywhere near, you may want to check out. The have a good selection and, I think, specialize in e bikes