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    RadCity or Aventon Pace 500

    No experience with the RAD but purchased a PACE 500 a few months back and love it (also wanted a lighter bike so went with the PACE). To get fenders and a rack was < $60.00 - Pace sells fenders on their site and got the rack from Amazon. Also got a suspension seat post and it's now perfect for me.
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    Known Issues & Problems with Juiced Bikes Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    Just a hypothesis, very strange it only occurs at one intersection. One would think if it was a bad connection, would have other random drop outs and not at one place every time. Bring a compass next time and see if it does strange things?
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    Known Issues & Problems with Juiced Bikes Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    Hum...just a thought. If it occurs at that one intersection only, maybe it's the traffic light sensor in the road/asphalt? Some of these could have a much stronger magnetic field than others and it's somehow affecting the motor?
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    I need y’alls help PLEASE

    +1 to the Aventon (as I have two :) )
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    Trelock LS 614 - Has anyone tried this? Rear bike like with decelerometer

    Great idea for bicycles, I'll definitely get one. I use a similar product called Gear Brake on my motorcycles
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    New e-biker, I thought I would never go back to pedaling after owning a motorcycle.

    +1 ... I've been riding motorcycles for 30+ years and last weekend, I decided to go out on the e-bike in the morning instead of my Triumph Tiger....go figure :)
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    Aventon Pace 500: very nice e-bike and at a great price point ...

    Sure, no problem. Yes, that is the correct rack (it does include fittings to move the rack out by a 1/2", but it's not needed on the Pace 500 as the mounting points on the bottom bracket are not close to the disk caliper) Just another note - it took about 45 mins per bike to put these together...
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    Aventon Pace 500: very nice e-bike and at a great price point ...

    I purchased two Pace 500's for my wife and I and can attest, they are awesome! Our first ebikes as well, really fun and quality components. We have people stopping us all the time, everyone really likes my wife's, it's the small frame Sand color....does look like a higher end bike. Anyways....I...
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    shifter question

    Here's an article on how to make that adjustment : just so you know. Really easy to adjust if you have the tools, a work stand and comfortable doing that
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    Looking to buy 1st ebike - $1200 range

    I purchased 2 Pace 500's a few weeks ago for my wife and I and really impressed with the quality. I know you are looking at a 350 w motor, but the quality of the components and support have been really great
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    Will pitlock fit for CCX?

    Different approach but this is what I'm using: Allen Security Bolts: Odds of a thief having a security allen key are rare Using this with a standard seat clamp
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    So, how many miles do you get on a charge?

    Have two Pace 500's, we did 21 miles on Saturday, really windy but mostly flat except for overpasses which are fairly steep. Had 50-70% battery left when we arrived home. I used PAS 1 for the 1st half and mixed PAS 2-5 on the way home (about 50% remaining). Wife had closer to 70% left but is...
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    Cheaper Suspension Post Recommendation

    Also purchased these for our Pace 500's and really impressed, quality post
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    Same thing occurred when I got my Pace 500's....I just tightened based on sound "plucking them" and just spun the wheel after every adjustment to make sure it didn't get out of round.
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    Pace 500 1st review

    Received our Pace 500's yesterday and immediately began the assembly process. Not bad, about 1 hour per bike. Only issue was a minor gash on one of batteries, emailed Aventon waiting on a response. Packed very well though. Checked the wheels, tighten up numerous spokes (thanks to this forum as I...
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    Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers

    I've been using a cordless/battery powered Neuton for years and it's awesome. Zero maintenance and it always works :) I found mine on Craigslist 5 years ago and just needed new batteries and been working fine.
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    New Tires

    Crazy how expensive those are, same price range as my motorcycle tires....
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    Newbie here in Southern Florida

    No problem Norwin and best of luck , hope you get the deal and bikes you are wanting
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    Newbie here in Southern Florida

    Sure....I'll give you my .02 I've been riding motorcycles for over 30 years so my first priority was to get one with a decent top speed (but still legal in the US) so 28mph with a throttle. Yes, there are TONS of different ebike companies popping up all the time. I was focusing on the more...