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    10 FASTEST ELECTRIC BIKES In The World (January 2020)

    Sorry if this has been posted too many times already.
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    Juggernaut Ultra BEAST Another 'Ultra' added to the series; this one appears to use 2 Integrated batteries and I like that if you are going to go integrated. About 1400Wh on board, but only 48V system. You can get it with 3 different wheel options which...
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    Does not look like a clear winner over the Juiced RCS. Some nice components, but no throttle.
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    Bolton on the e-bike Throttle

    Since this is a hot debate item for many; Podcast:
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    Structure Cycleworks - How about adding a motor to this bike?

    I like the suspension concept on this bike.
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    Juiced RipCurrent-S (aka RCS) - 1000 km Impressions and Log Summary

    July 4th independence day started with a 65km little trip to the beach and the long way home. The odometer on my RCS ended the day at 1035 km, so I thought it was time to share my thoughts. I'll start with my over all impressions, but continue reading if you want to hear about the warts...
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    Frey Cross Country (aka CC) - Electrek Review Thought i would post this recent review to the new official Frey form. Looks like a great bike, and i'm sure being a new model for Frey it will evolve.
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    Juiced RCS Rear Fender Hack

    This is my rear fender hack job for the current RipCurrent S. Who knows when, or even if, Juiced will provide a full fender again for the RCS, and the weather right now demands a fender. Tired of cleaning the rack, the coat, the lights, but mostly the backpack (needed until I get cargo...
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    Anyone have a pic off the Blade or Blade 2.0 with the Touring Package?

    I can't believe that FLX does not have a pic of the Blade with the touring package anywhere? Do they really sell it, they must internally hate the idea of the touring package on their MTB.
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    Happy with DJ Bikes MTB 2017/2018

    Just joined, and I'm surprised there is not more information on the DJ Bikes MTB on here and other e-bike forums. It's really a great bike for the money, especially once you adjust the top speed. Mine was sold as a 500W motor, but I suspect it is the same motor that is now advertised at 750W...