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    Range on 52v 19.2Ah Juiced Bike Battery

    Haven‘t posted in a while but I figure this might be helpful to some. I own a 2018 Rip Current S. Put in 49.9 miles on one full charge all on Eco through the streets of Los Angeles County, and the reading when I was done was 51volts.
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    Los Angeles Bike Riders, New Bike Paths on the way before 2028 Olympics Would also love for the city to connect the Arroyo Seco Bike Path to the LA River. It’s onky about 1 1/2 miles perhaps through Figueroa, especially after what’s been done to the...
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    Please be on the look out for the Electric Bike Bandit!
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    First Ride on Rip Current S

    Went on my first ride. Did 18 miles in an hour, past the Tournament of Roses in Pasadena where it begins, past the Rose Bowl, north to Altadena, then eastbound through Altadena until I was back in Pasadena where the parade ends and the floats sit there for a week for tourists viewing. What a...
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    Rear rack tilting forward on RCS

    Any solutions? I straightened out the stays so that helps just a little. Seems it needs a longer stay.
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    Rear Fender on RCS Removal

    Does anyone know if the rear fender of the RCS can be removed without removing the rear wheel?
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    Difference in Motor Controller Between the CCX and Rip Current S

    CCX Motor Controller is a 9 Transitor with 25 amp peak while the Rip is 9 with a 20 amp peak. Any reasonable explanation as to why Juiced did this? I’d prefer the Rip because love the versatility and fat tires, but hard to give up the max speed in the CCX that has 25 amp peak, thus the race...