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    Bafang chainrings are crap?

    Yes seems we got cross wired :) I run a Ultra/ G510/ m620. I mean the spider that came originally with the motor kit, I assumed other bafang motors used a simular system. but guess I was mistaken. Excuse the cheap smart phone picture quality, bad lighting and the dirty bike. :)
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    Bafang chainrings are crap?

    I just used the stock spider and fitted the chainring to the back of it and the chainline is fine on my frame. I will take a few photo's but short on time atm, But if you did need to adjust it closer you could add washers/spacers inbetween the spider and ring I guess.
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    Bafang chainrings are crap?

    Gionnirocket No adaptor needed, it fits straight onto the bafang spider, As long as you get the correct BCD which off the top of my head is a bcd of 130. BCD = Bolt Circle Diameter
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    First ride with the Archon X1 upgrade!

    In the UK with our famous wet weather, cassettes and chains get really beaten up quickly even on road, the water, mud, grid just acts like natures grinding paste, it also strips all lube from the set up on every ride. Because I use my bike for the work commute no matter the weather and a bit...
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    I want to buy a WW E-mtb full suspension

    I want a one as well tbh, but like to build my bikes myself usng the best bang for buck parts that I find over time in sales ebay etc. But if WW or Exess can supply me the frame, rear shock, Battery and Archon motor package on its own it will be my next bike project. And I would spend about a...
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    First ride with the Archon X1 upgrade!

    :) I only new about the cassette thing because I cheaped out and used a Deore cassette on my lower powered Focus and chewed up a Reynolds Freehub. It was a bstard to remove because the splines were all burred and acting like a twist lock, With a bit of forcefull jiggling I removed it after a...
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    First ride with the Archon X1 upgrade!

    reed scott I think that TomD has got the 2300 watt version, but I may be wrong. I have the 1000 watt one. (lol Tom replied at the same time ) I run a XT 11 speed cassette but would run SLX and with a Ebike spec kmc chain. I get 400 - 500 miles from the chain and 800 - 1000 miles from the...
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    Honestly you do not need a chainguide.
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    Would love some advice on configuration for my upcoming UC Pro

    jjonesx86 Agreed the Fox 36e or the new 38's would be my choice if I had infinate money :) But my Lyriks are pretty great. But all of the above options are very high end forks which are made for mainly top riders to cope with any type of gnarly terrain. And would possibly be overkill for...
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    Get a narrow wide chainring, and a rear mech with clutch I use a 44 tooth Race face one I ride off road and dont drop chains.
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    First ride with the Archon X1 upgrade!

    EBRQuest Tame the beast! I like that quote :) but that is exactly what the Archon does it still has all the power and more but it is so much more user friendly. I may be wrong, but I have heard of a few people using a phaserunner and it seems like you are restricted to throttle power only...
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    My Archon Range

    Thats at least 3 of us in that boat then. I used to take my charger to work just to make sure I could get home, now if really lazy I can basicly let the bike do all the work both directions if I want.
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    Bafang Ultra G510 crank clearance.

    Hi all I was thinking about blinging up my drivetrain with a set of new Hope ebike cranks. The ultra uses a isis fitting so that is no concern. The one worry I have is the clearance with the motor. The question I have is, Has anyone else used non bafang cranks with the Ultra and has there been...
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    X1 upgrade first impressions

    Nice ride, and yeah the archon rocks. I have gone back to work after lockdown so my bike is getting a lot more miles under its belt, and I have done a few epic rides on the weekends 30-40 miles with battery to spare! I would never had attempted this before the upgrade, the extra range keeps on...
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    Quick update on Archon / Rohloff / Kindernay tests

    I try not to think about my chain or cassette wear:) but it is not as bad as I thought it would be to be honest but I am being very careful with shifting, gear choice, and I am keeping up with cleaning and lubing the drivetrain regularly atm. I get about 600 miles out of a chain and I change the...
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    Travalanche specs

    Leon S. Kennedy I do not have this bike but I have something similar that does the same job with a similar capacity battery and the same controller upgrade. With the Archon upgrade that battery size actually provides a decent amount of range, 20% minimun increase over a standard ultra. Some...
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    First ride with the Archon X1 upgrade!

    LOL I know what you mean, I often dont relise the speed I am going. Grippy tryes 160mm of suspension, and the security of a decent set of brakes. It sort of feels like you are going slower than you actually are.
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    Possible Group Buy

    The motor is great bit of kit but it is called a G510 not E510, I do not know what the forks are? but going by the picture they are definatly not any model of Rockshox. The general componantry (if it is what is claimed) will probably do the job but is certainly lower spec. To be brutal I think...
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    Thicc Bikes

    I cuncur with byunbee. Personally fat tyres are not much use for me. Rarely snows and there is not much sand. We get plenty of mud but a narrower tyre like some Magic Mary's are brilliant in the mud. I have built the bike to accept up to about 3 inches which is as wide as I would go. Currently I...
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    Pedal assist sensor in Bafang mid drive

    There is hardly any resitance in the drive with the ultra, except for the extra weight it pedals exactly like any bike. I expect the BBxxx's are the same. the motor completely disconnect's it has a 2nd freewheel/ pawled clutch in the bottom bracket. I do not have much experiance with hub...