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  1. Geno929

    Missouri E Biker w/ Rad City

    This has been a great adventure. This bike has gotten me off my butt and back in the saddle. Thank you Rad and all the good people here at EBR. Your support means a lot. Rode the 12 miles to work today. Great roads here near St.Louis. my new office buddy!
  2. Geno929

    Rad City Chainring advice to increase top speed! Help Please!

    My 2020 Rad City is an awesome bike. But, for me, in the flat, I spend most of my time in 6th or 7th gear. Top speed around 24.5 mph, in PAS 0 or 1. I am wanting to increase the current chainring from 42 tooth, to maybe 44 or 46 tooth. Two issues I have found and need advice. 1) What is the...