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    St1 display

    Today I went to turn on my st1 and nothing happened on display. I then tried replacing battery in display and it turned on with the no batt message. I have two batteries I know are good and charge up fine. I checked for loose connections but I don't think I found any. I tried a few times...
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    Cirrus kinekt

    I recently ordered a cirrus Kinect seatpost from a store online. The store rep asked me my weight which is 215 pounds. I received a medium size which on the box says 150-200 pounds. A large is rated for 200-260. Id it that much of a difference or should I send it back?
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    Wing bike

    I had to try this wing bike love the look of it. I have only did a 10 mile test run since I just received bike today and I am really pleased with this bike. It came with a broken tailight from shipping and support is sending a new one. The support team has been great with answering all my...
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    Ride1up roadster ghost

    Just received a ride1up roadster ghost. For $900 I wasn't expecting much and it only being a single speed I was a little concerned but it has plenty of power to get up hills. I do have a stromer st1 but I was looking for something else to commute to work with and I think this will work for such...
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    Bh easy motion neo charger

    Bh. Easy motion neo battery charger for sale make me an offer
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    Cheap class 3 mid drives

    Is there any class 3 mid drives under $2000
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    St1 battery

    Does anybody know if stromer is going to keep producing st1 batteries? I've only had my st1 platinum for a year and would like to keep it for a long time but I know battery will have to be replaced.
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    Stromer st1 platinum easymotion nitro city or a cheaper bike

    Need help making a decision. I've narrowed my choices between a stromer st1 platinum or a easymotion nitro city. Does anybody have a suggestion or should I consider a cheaper bike like a magnum metro plus. I used to ride a easymotion neo cross but it was recently stolen