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  1. Drbike

    New bikes for old tail bones. Looking for suggestions.

    The first rule of biking is you don’t buy a “bike“, you buy the local bike store where to buy the bike. The second rule is that there is no such thing as a comfortable bike seat, just less uncomfortable ones. Good bike shops allow you to try out seats for a few days to find one that’s less...
  2. Drbike

    What's your plan for a flat tire 10 miles from home?

    3). I try to be self sufficient when biking. Always carried a spare tube, pump, tire irons and tool kit. Once I got two flats on the same ride but had only one tube. The second flat was only a half mile from home so no big deal. Now I carry two tubes. On more the one occasion I’ve used a...
  3. Drbike

    Articulating suspension seat post question.

    Does this seat post make my butt look big?
  4. Drbike

    Ebikemotion x35 speed limiter "fix"

    1. There is no reliable fix for the 20mph max for the x35. An Australian firm has had mixed results that you can research on this website. 2. I don’t use a heart rate monitor but others report good results if compatible 3. I would say the Nyrto out performs the Dyodo and producing two race...
  5. Drbike

    Please Suggest Most Comfortable Saddle

    There is no such thing as a comfortable bike seat. There ARE less uncomfortable seats butt that depends on the size, weight and shape of your a$$. Yes; I said this in a funny way, what works for one rider will not work for another.
  6. Drbike

    SHOW us YOUR PIX here .... Odd, WeiRd ,UnUSuAl or EyE CaTchIng things from your rides

    Urban ride to Hall of Justice - Lansing, MI
  7. Drbike

    EBikeMotion X35 range?

    I would be hard pressed to count on 100 miles in eco mode as I was working somewhat hard peddling to get 10miles out of 10% battery charge. The effort I was doing wouldn’t last for 100 miles. I did a more hilly route with all three levels aggressively for 20 miles and used 60% of the battery...
  8. Drbike

    Ebikemotion x35 speed limiter "fix"

    Thanks, your examples were excellent and can’t believed I missed the bar graph screen.👍👍
  9. Drbike

    Ebikemotion x35 speed limiter "fix"

    I recently purchased a Bianchi Aria E road bike and have been challenged in locating the feature within the ebikemotion app that controls the percentage level of assist. Could you please list the step by step method in changing the factory default settings. Thanks.
  10. Drbike

    EBikeMotion X35 range?

    I’ve had my US Bianchi Aria ebike for a few weeks and am testing the battery consumption on a regular flat route I usually ride in both very windy and calm days. I start my test when I immediately leave my driveway, no warm ups or anything like that. My route is 18.5 miles with about 16 miles...