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  1. Altaman

    Reevo E-Bike coming soon!

    This looks like a very interesting bike, in fact it would make an excellent Christmas gift for the little lady!
  2. Altaman

    Stache Bikelock

    Howdy all: Was wondering if anyone has purchased the Stache bikelock? Looks interesting like the Abus locks, but wondering what quality/security is like.
  3. Altaman

    First time ever brake bleeding

    Well the first time I have ever bled the brakes on anything and must say it was super easy on the bike. The rear brake now works like a dream!
  4. Altaman

    QH48V1000W motor

    Does anyone know who makes the QH48V1000W motor.
  5. Altaman

    Where to buy Rear Brake/signal light that will mount on rear bike rack

    OK so I have a rear bike rack that I would like to mount a brake/signal light to. The seatpost mounting does not work as the light gets blocked when you put anything on the rack. Here is where I would like it mounted:
  6. Altaman

    S700 Display not showing speed when motor not running

    Does anyone know if there is a way to get the display to show your speed when the motor is not engaged? It would be nice to know your speed at all times. Thanks, Alt
  7. Altaman

    First real ride

    Took my new e-bike out for its first real ride...about 20km (12 miles). Added a mirror to it and I am just loving it! Alt
  8. Altaman

    ZOOM Brake hydraulic mineral oil?

    Can anyone tell me if you can use oil for Shimano hydraulic brakes in Zoom hydraulic brakes?
  9. Altaman

    Vee Tire 26x4 Zig Zag tires

    Was wondering if anyone has tried these tires....What do you think of them? I am looking at something for summer riding and these look like they just might fit my needs. Thoughts, opinions?
  10. Altaman

    S700 Display replacement?

    Good day: Was wondering if anyone knew of a plugin compatible replacement for a S700 display that has a USB connection? Alt
  11. Altaman

    26x4" non-stubby fat tires, is there such a thing?

    Am just wondering if there is such a thing as 26x4" non-stubby fat tires? I thought they may be good for summer riding/commute as they should also be quieter and give a bit better mileage than the stubby. I have searched with google but so far have not found anything. Alt
  12. Altaman

    New member getting Lankeleisi XT750Plus

    Good day everyone: New member here who at the minute does not have a e-bike yet but will be ordering my Lankeleisi XT750Plus next week after the Easter weekend. I will be getting the 1000W motor with 26" fat tires and spare 14ah battery. Is there any other peeps with this model bike? Alt