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  1. TomD

    Thoughts on securing a bike using rear suspension

    Just picked up a folding lock and was hoping to lock my rear wheel with the frame. Sadly it won't fit due to the length of the rear suspension so considering a less secure frame attachment. Thoughts on locking the bike this way? I realize someone could easily unscrew the rear suspension bolts...
  2. TomD

    Attaching images in conversations diabled?

    Was trying to send an image to someone in a private mesage and noticed the option was not available. Any reason this is disabled?
  3. TomD

    Replacing tires after catching a curb?

    Hey guys, I was riding home last night in the dark and ended up mis-judging a curb. I thought I was on the sidewalk but just missed it and before I knew it my front tire was kissing the curb and I went off. Fortunately my rear pannier saved the derailleur and the fame shockingly did not get...
  4. TomD

    Luna Cycle X1 Enduro FS (Bafang M600 / Dengfu M09)

    I purchased a Luna X1 last year when it was released but eventually returned it as I was put off by the M600 motor noise. The medium size I had ordered was also a bit small for me at 6' 0". A few months ago Luna came out with a quieter reduction gear so I decided to give the X1 another try...
  5. TomD

    For Sale: Medium BH Easy Motion Rebel Lite HT ($999 - Seattle area, local pickup only)

    For sale: 2 Medium BH Easy Motion Rebel Lite HT bikes. I picked these up on close out from Bicycle Blue Book for $777 + $150 shipping + $72 dongle to de-restrict the 20 mph limit. Selling at cost for $927 without dongle, $999 with dongle (1 available). I'm pretty sure I could sell these for...
  6. TomD

    Magura MT5 Issues?

    I'm curious if any Watt Wagons owners have similar issues with their Magura MT5 brakes. I am experiencing some drumroll on my Frey CC but it seems others with the MT5 brakes have similar issues, apparently due to the shape of the rotors. The fix seems to be to use blue pads or upgrade to a...
  7. TomD

    Frey CC

    My Frey CC finally arrived today from the January 2020 US group buy. It was originally scheduled to be here in April but COVID-19 had other ideas. All things considered, impressive that Frey was able to get it here only 2-3 weeks late, hats off to their passionate team. I had awoken to note...
  8. TomD

    BH Easy Motion Rebel Lite HT

    Figure we could use a thread on these bikes since quite a few of us picked up the $777 closeouts from Bicycle Blue Book. I'll start it off with my first upgrade. This is more of a WTB Speed saddle "first impression" than the Rebel Lite related other than to say the stock saddle must go...
  9. TomD

    Forum bug / usability issues with "Electric Bike Shops Near You"

    I was just typing a PM to someone and noticed the map started encroaching on the PM message where I couldn't read what I was typing. Fortunately I was able drag the map away. Edit: I have no problems with advertisements, but it's creating usability issues clarified below.
  10. TomD

    IMG tag option missing?

    Why is the IMG tag removed from the forum editor? Such a pain to have to type in IMG tags manually. I note you can hit ctrl+p comparing to the stock XF editor but I doubt 99.9% of users know the shortcut.
  11. TomD

    FLX Blade 2.0

    The FLX Blade 2.0 has been mentioned in a few other EBR threads but it probably deserves its own thread in the FLX forum. Looks really nice. Integrated 52V battery in frame. Rohloff IGH with Gates Carbon Belt Drive. List price is $6K but it's currently available for pre-order at $5K with...