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  1. TomD

    UC Pro Step through frame prototype build pics. Painting / Decal / lights etc will be done in Boston.

    I really debated whether I needed another 70+ pound Ultra based bike but invested in the UCP because I wanted a bike wtih upgraded controller and IGH/belt drive and the founder pricing was too good to pass up. Once I upgraded the controller on my Frey CC I was loving it so much I was I was...
  2. TomD

    Travalanche with Kindernay

    Anyone else cringe when pushkar touched the brake rotor?
  3. TomD

    UC Pro Diamond frame prototype build pics. Painting / Decal / lights etc will be done in Boston.

    Bafang is changing the Ultra from UART to CANBUS.
  4. TomD

    Locks and Security Solutions for Electric Bikes

    If we can time travel it's cheaper at Walmart haha.
  5. TomD

    First ride with the Archon X1 upgrade!

    For me it's good enough. Light years ahead of the stock controller. Here is some perspective from European users on ES comparing to Shimano:
  6. TomD

    Locks and Security Solutions for Electric Bikes

    Really? Mine was only $25 from Walmart. Picked up 2 to get free shipping. Amazon was the same price but more expensive shipping. My only complaint is the straps to attach the case didn't work for my frame so I picked up this inexpensive cage mount on amazon to attach it to my seatpost. It...
  7. TomD

    Frey CC

    I believe the larger battery is for the AM1000 (external battery). You can always upgrade the controller to get 20% or more range.
  8. TomD

    Frey CC

    Battery range is very dependent on how much power you are using. Best case you might get 25 miles on throttle alone on a full charge. If you are putting in a reasonable amount of effort and using eco pedal assist 1-3 you might get double that. In reality you really don't want to be charging to...
  9. TomD

    Bafang 600 motor

    See here for feedback from a FLX user with the M600. They seem quite happy with Bafang's tuning in PAS 1-2. I'm not sure what firmware that is. This user claims the latest firmware is significantly improved...
  10. TomD

    I think I've decided I'm going to bite the bullet

    I think you are one of the few that likes that color. :D A sampling of other color choices here: The red looks the best IMO (and I generally don't like red). It really pops in person.
  11. TomD

    Frey CC

    I haven't been riding for the last week due to smoke but have accumulated over 1000 miles now. I just love riding this bike. A lot of that has to do with the new controller although I think most will be happy with the stock controller as they won't know what they are missing. My biggest...
  12. TomD

    I think I've decided I'm going to bite the bullet

    I'd pass on immediate gratification and order a Frey CC if you want something to replace your SUV. Love mine. It's nice to have extra power for towing and hauling lots of weight. At 63 you might also appreciate the mid-step.
  13. TomD

    Please help me make final decision between Biktrix Ultra Eagle and HPC Scout

    Sorry to hear about your experiences with HPC but glad to hear you have gotten it working for the most part!
  14. TomD

    First ride with the Archon X1 upgrade!

    Pushkar, how soon until the programming options will be available to us end users?
  15. TomD

    FLX Blade 2.0

    The upcoming WW "superbike" has integrated battery. This is only the prototype:
  16. TomD

    Anti theft GPS

    One benefit of the Invoxia is it does have a bluetooth locator feature that also lets you ring the device. I could see this being useful to pinpoint the bike if the GPS location isn't precise enough. This could also potentially be useful to law enforcement to demonstrate it is your property...
  17. TomD

    Our Rides in Words, Photos, Videos & Maps

    Today's ride was delayed by deer crossing...
  18. TomD

    Crank arm removal HELP

    I'm just giving an overview of how to pull a crank in general. Sometimes seeing how it's done helps you figure out what you are doing wrong even if you don't have the same tools. Maybe it won't help. Maybe it will.
  19. TomD

    Crank arm removal HELP

    Hope this helps... The inner bolt on my crank puller is too small to push against the spindle to I insert a catch bolt in my spindle so my crank puller has something to push against. Insert catch bolt: Catch bolt inserted so that it only pushes against spindle: Thread outer crank puller...
  20. TomD

    First ride with the Archon X1 upgrade!

    This is the 2300W version. 350W nominal but 700W peak in PAS 1. it is probably half that on the 1000W version in PAS 1. You can always gear down to climb. There is no locked speed in any PAS.