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    Chicago e-bike shops

    Anyone can recommend any reputable e-bike shops in Chicago? I'd like something local so I can test out bikes and go back for issues or repairs needed. I've seen some shops out in the burbs, but I hate driving. There's 2 trek dealers that I think sell e-bikes and I know Kozy's carrys them...
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    new Ridge rider

    Supposedly the new Pedego hardtail is out as of last week. Any early feedback or anyone tried riding one yet? Seems a small departure from their previous styles and is their first torque-PA bike.
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    Paralysis by analysis

    I've been spending the past month researching e-bikes. I want to pull the trigger, but as the title states, seems like I've got paralysis by analysis. I feel like I would be able to narrow down a lot of choices if I could try test ride few. The problem is that there are not e-bike dealers...