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  1. Altaman

    Zoom left hand lever/reservoir needed with brake cutoff

    I need to replace a leaking left hand (rear) brake lever as mine is leaking....I have tried hunting one down with no success. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Alt
  2. Altaman

    Reevo E-Bike coming soon!

    This looks like a very interesting bike, in fact it would make an excellent Christmas gift for the little lady!
  3. Altaman

    Anti theft GPS

    Well I tell you if someone stole my expensive bike and I knew where it was, one way or another I would get it back.
  4. Altaman

    Stache Bikelock

    I think any lock can be broken into and short of carrying a lock bigger than our bikes you will never be safe from thieves.
  5. Altaman

    Stache Bikelock

    Howdy all: Was wondering if anyone has purchased the Stache bikelock? Looks interesting like the Abus locks, but wondering what quality/security is like.
  6. Altaman

    Amazon price gouging

    Well when you look at 26*4 fat tires the price is up there no matter the manufacturer. Most likely this is due to the lower sales of this size tire and also the size of the tire uses more material. The price of molds is very expensive...Back in the day (about 20 years ago) a mold for making...
  7. Altaman

    Amazon price gouging

    Here are some that are made by Vee tire:
  8. Altaman

    Still looking for the right charger

    As a followup, the seller says I cut the cable but I requested a photo of a charger with the connector I ordered....Instead they posted a picture of the charger they shipped me....notice the cable spliced/taped with electrical tape:
  9. Altaman

    Still looking for the right charger

    Yup, very poor seller! I hate to say it but it is this sorta thing that gives chinese electronics a bad name.
  10. Altaman

    Still looking for the right charger

    As an update do not buy this charger, to put the proper connector to the battery they cut off the old one, splice and electrical tape the new one to it. Also the wall plug that comes with it should be a polarized plug and if you plug it in one way the charger buzzes loudly and needs to be...
  11. Altaman


    This is the one I bought, it is adjustable in/out and the coating helps in detracting reflections. Really linke it!
  12. Altaman

    Hey Court, looking to purchase my first e-bike and I have been STRUGGLING!

    Take a look at in Vancouver, they have folding ebikes there and the price is pretty good.
  13. Altaman

    First time ever brake bleeding

    Well the first time I have ever bled the brakes on anything and must say it was super easy on the bike. The rear brake now works like a dream!
  14. Altaman

    Stairs - Muscle up or an easy alternative?

    You should be able to put you bike in walk mode, makes it easier to get up stairs.
  15. Altaman

    Stanley Park

    @James Bond really nice shots. The girlfriend and I walked the seaway last Sunday, really good workout. I am looking at getting her an ebike so we can bike around there. So many places in Vancouver area to ride and can't wait to share it with her.
  16. Altaman

    Name your favorite accessory

    The only thing about the magnetic is most ebikes are aluminum so this won't work.
  17. Altaman

    Name your favorite accessory

    Yes and it won't break the bank when you buy it.
  18. Altaman

    Name your favorite accessory

    This is the suspension seatpost I ordered off and it has gotten good reviews in my search about it:
  19. Altaman

    QH48V1000W motor

    I may just have to take it apart and see!
  20. Altaman

    QH48V1000W motor

    From the Bafang website looks like it is a G062.1000