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  1. tlippy

    Locktite Blue tastes good !!!

    Some silliness !! I used Blue on the bolts before tightening and put the Blue cap in my mouth to keep from loosing it. It really has a great taste.
  2. tlippy

    Front Brake squeel-solved !

    After assembly, my front brake was rubbing. I did all the suggestions,ie: Loosen the bolts and squeeze the brake, tighten, etc. The tiny 2"X2" square piece of paper that explained how to install a washer was difficult to read. I got serious and looked at the back brake. There were 2 washers...
  3. tlippy

    I broke my battery !!!

    I've had my 700 4 days. I prefer charging indoors. Two days ago, I dropped my battery on the garage floor and the knob on the top got moved. I'm in contact with R1U about a fix. The bike is not usable. It's my fault. I did not try to B.S. R1U that it was there fault. I fessed up right...
  4. tlippy

    Got my 700 today-Shipping and unboxing comments:

    The bike was supposed to be delivered 9/18/2020. Receiver 3 different 'out for delivery" notices. I called FedEx every day about the missed deliveries. I got the most help from the original shipper, the one that picked up the bike in Sparks - (sorry, can't find the shipping notice for the...
  5. tlippy

    Bikeman!!! Where are you?

    Bike man. Have all your problems been solved?
  6. tlippy

    700 scheduled to arrive Monday. re,Spokes!

    Almost hope the spokes are loose! So I can use my new ZTTO spoke tension meter from AliExpress. Seriously, I like "measured" adjustments, rather than "plunking". This will be the first bike that I'm going to pay xtra attention to maintenance. The weight and torque, I expect will put, serious...
  7. tlippy

    700 shipping today. Delivery to Oregon Sep19.

    Two days? I hope but I am a doubtor.
  8. tlippy

    Has anyone refused a FedX bike?

    How can you make FedX pay for damage? Haven't heard of anyone refusing a shipment when there's obvious damage.. Wonder what recourse we have.. It's not right to expect R1U to fix damaged shipments.
  9. tlippy

    R1U better address complaints soon
  10. tlippy

    Anyone received a 700 lately?

    Sep 15 is approaching. Just wonder if the 700's have started shipping yet?
  11. tlippy

    Has anyone had a hub motor fail?

    Just wonder how you would address this scenario?
  12. tlippy

    No 700 yet but I did get R1U panniers yesterday !

    Too much time on my hands while waiting for my 700 ! Have purchased a mirror, bell, lock, front wheel bag and a spoke tensor from Aliexpress. Looked at their panniers but couldn't tell about the quality. Glad I stuck with R1U. The panniers are of good quality, each side will accept a...
  13. tlippy

    AAA will pick up an eBike!

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  15. tlippy

    Has anyone bought/used a spoke tension tool?

    Park has one for $80. I'd probably buy a chinese knockoff for $20. R1U does list the tension for all the spokes. Just wonder if this method is a good way to test tension?
  16. tlippy

    What does MECH mean in bike terms?

    I really did do a search on Google and didn't get an answer. Is it slang for "mechanical"? I think it's used when referring to the derrailuer?
  17. tlippy

    Anyone know your nipple size?

    Getting ready for my R1U 700 to arrive and want to be ready if a spoke or 2 needs tightening. I was able to keep my MTB and Cyclocross rims perfect so I have no hesitation to take care of them. I don't want to buy a multi tool. I prefer one size only. Can anyone answer the question?
  18. tlippy

    eBike reviews? Who do you believe?

    EBR posts the best eBike of all is the Specialized Turbo Vado SL 4.0 EQ @ $3500. ByWays bike review claims the R1U 500 is the best. On paper the Specialized doesn't come close to the R1U 700 specs at double the price. And it's ugly! Is the Specialized better because of real quality...
  19. tlippy

    Anyone having the chain pop off the front chainring?

    I have a Ride 1Up model 700 on order. There have been 4 complaints about the chain popping off the front chainring. The Aventon Level has similar a Shimano drive train. Some folks speculate the Acera rear derailleur 's springs are weak. Anyone here having the same problem. The bikes are...