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    Specialized Turbo Vado/Como User Club

    Why is a cover necessary? Wiill the battery still work without a cover? I planned to move my cover to the new battery and keep the old one as a backup without a cover.
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    Serial #/model of the bike not the same as what Mission Control says -- how to fix?

    I have 2 Comos I bought last year and was never told anything about registration nor does any of the paperwork provided with the bikes. What is the benefit of registration?
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    PLANET3 - mechanical e-bike derestriction device.

    I have had one installed on a Como 2.0 and it works great. I have put over 1200 miles on it and see no signs of wear or other issues so far.
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    Specialized Turbo Vado/Como User Club

    The other Specfilaized dealer in town doesn't carry ebikes because as they put it "our customers don't buy bikes at that price point." They don't service them either.
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    Specialized Turbo Vado/Como User Club

    I am in Columbus,Ohio. The only Specialized dealers I know of that handle ebikes are in Akron or Cincinnati, both over two hours away.
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    Specialized Turbo Vado/Como User Club

    I wish my LBS was as good with ebikes as your shop. I have not had any good experineces with mine. I bought two 2019 Como 2.0's last year and was never advised to bring the bikes back for any checks or service. The bikes were sold with Bloks display and we were told they were compatible with...
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    Specialized Turbo Vado/Como User Club

    We have two 2019 Como 2.0's that do this intermitently; the LBS couldn't resolve the problem. Turning powerr off then back on always s fixes it.
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    Specialized Turbo Vado/Como User Club

    You can move the rear tire rest on the arm and keep it on the tire instead of the fender.
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    Como M/L vs. XL sizing question

    I am 6' 2" with 34" inseam and comfortably ride a M/L Como 2.0. I test rode the XL but it felt a liitle big to me. I would highly suggest test riding different sizes before buying even though that is probably not possible at the present time due to supply shortages.
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    Carrying a Como

    We have two Como 2.0's and carry them using a 1Up tray system. Works great.
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    Como 2.0 ‘whirring’ noise is louder on wife’s bike than mine. Concern?

    My wife and I have 2019 Como 2.0s and mine makes a similar noise when under load but my wife's does not. It hasn't caused any problems after 18 months of riding. Most of our riding is on flat paved trails so I seldom notice it but if I regularly rode hills I would have the bike shop check it...
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    Specialized Turbo Vado/Como User Club

    Timely, because I just cleaned the chain and drive train on my Como yesterday and it made a huge difference in the smoothness of shifting and quietness when pedaling. I used to do it with brushes and rags but now use a Park Tools chain scrubber that is so much faster, cleaner and effective.
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    Specialized Turbo Vado/Como User Club

    Was that the Paint Creek Trail? I live in the Columbus area and rode part of it out of Washington Courthouse about 10 days ago. It was only a 20 mile ride because of trail closeures. Overall, we are blessed with hundreds of miles of paved trails here in Ohio. My wife and I have put close to 1000...
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    Mission Control App - Turbo Vado Solution Now Available

    My LBS (Bikesource) wants to charge me $300 to upgrade my BLOK display on my Como 2.0, even though the sales staff repeately claimed that one of the features of the bike was the Mission Control app.
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    Specialized Model Year versus Mfg Date

    Not sure what you mean by 2019 components? They both have BLOKS displays. We were mislead by the LBS (Bikesource, Dublin, OH) when we purchased the bikes. We were told repeatedly by different sales staff that we would be able to use the Mission Control App and that was obviously not the case...
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    Specialized Model Year versus Mfg Date

    I purchased two Como 2.0 ebikes last August. Recently I discovered the sticker on the underside of the frame that says my bike was manufactured in December 2017 and my wife's bike says it was manufactured in June 2018. Both bikes were sold as 2019 models. Is this "normal" I am not aware of any...