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    Be aware, pedal-assisted bikes are NOT ebikes

    These no e bike rules or class 1 e bike only rules are rarely enforced in my opinion.
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    Be aware, pedal-assisted bikes are NOT ebikes

    Agree on speed limit. Our local park trail has a 15 mph speed limit. Want to go faster, use the road beside the trail. The road is fairly safe with low speeds and low traffic.
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    R1U better address complaints soon

    Disagree about blaming the customer.Directions for assembly in some cases are unclear. Information on the web site is not up to date. Yes spokes should be properly tightened but they should come in better condition and include better information about spoke tightening in the assembly...
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    Rode our first ebikes/May need to cancel R1U

    I say cancel one of the 700's. Get yours and see how she feels on it. I bet she will feel it is too big. Even though it is a a step thru, as you point out the seat height, reach and frame are bigger than the bike she was comfortable on. My son got a R1up 500 and he barely fits. The seat is all...
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    Be aware, pedal-assisted bikes are NOT ebikes

    e bikes are bikes under state and Federal law just as non assisted pedal bikes are. The problem does not lie with sellers or users of e bikes but with ignorant local politicians and others who decided to restrict these places without good reason. Citizens should use their political power to...
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    First accident

    I am no expert on falling, but I did read advice on this forum from a mountain biker who said try to tuck into the bike so the bike more than your body absorbs the impact. Keep hands on handle bars. I have not had to use that advice yet. Hope you all heal quickly.
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    My Espin Sport

    Agree the Sport is easy to put together, solid. People have few complaints. I heard they might make a folder. Do not know if it will be lighter.
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    My Espin Sport

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    Known Issues & Problems with Espin Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    Are you supposed to leavd the derailleur guard on. Don't see that it adds much.
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    Espin Nero or Lectric XP

    Agree with Taylor57. Espin makes good quality bikes. Bigger tires and suspension fork on Nero will be more comfortable and with better battery you will have more range. I have an Espin Sport also and it is a good quality solid bike. Espins have not had the quality issues R1UP bikes have had...
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    Price increase - Sept 20th - 25% Chinese Tariff

    I think I read the exemption mentioned in the 2019 article was temporary.
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    Espin Nero

    It is a tough decision. I think the Nero is likely to be a better quality bike. Nero has front suspension, is bigger, better gearing, better battery and range. I have an Espin Sport and it is good quality. We have ordered a Nero for my husband as he wanted a more approachable fat tire bike and...
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    Has anyone bought/used a spoke tension tool?

    I bought a cheaper spoke tension tool on Amazon. Seems ok.
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    Trying to decide between 500 and Limited

    Maybe the answer is neither. If you want a cadence sensor bike with wider wheels consider the Espin Nero.
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    Will Ride1Up create a fat tire model?

    If you want to see a new model fat tire bike from a company that makes bikes similar in style to Ride1up check out the new Espin Nero. Fat tire bike. $ 999.00.
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    Has your Lectric XP exceeded your expectations?

    Taylor : Since you now have an Lectric xp and another e bike (Espin Sport ?) I would like your opinion about my buying an Lectric xp step thru for my 21 yo daughter. She would use the bike to commute to work, only a few miles and not very hilly. She does not have a DL. She is only about 5'4" so...
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    Espin Flow pedal assist power levels

    That sounds pretty slow for level 1 which is a good thing. For example the Lectric xp goes about 10-11 mph in level PAS 1.
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    My Espin Sport

    My family used to drive old rattlely cars. My dad used to say if the noise bothers you turn up the radio.
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    My Espin Sport

    Amazon, They are out of stock now but I got Eurobike RUR 2 pics 27.5x 1.95 Mountain bike inner tube 48 mm Long Schrader Valve bike tube.
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    My Espin Sport

    The Sport is plenty fast for me.