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    Thinking strongly about ordering the CCX

    That's a good point, the drive train wear does get a lot worse with a stretched chain. I'm pretty diligent about keeping up with maintenance as my bike is my car replacement and I'm usually checking the chain length at least once a month. An interesting data point is that my friend who has the...
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    Fork upgrade for 2020 Turbo Vado 5

    Too bad RockShox doesn't make the Paragon Gold with a thru-axle setup. I'd stick with RockShox or Fox if you're planning to upgrade. The issue with the Vado is that yes, anything that has more shock travel over 50mm will change the ride and handling slightly. The other issue is with the bigger...
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    18 mile commute. Help build dream DIY!

    If you're going to use a donor bike, I'd recommend using a good quality hard tail mountain bike. Converting a beach cruiser would probably work, but if you're talking about speeds over 20mph, or in your case wanting to cruise at 30mph or above, getting a good strong bike frame as the foundation...
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    18 mile commute. Help build dream DIY!

    For sure, my current setup started out as a Juiced Bike HyperFat1000. It was roughly $2700 during a pre-sale. That was also not including the upgraded fast charger that is made by GrinTech ( After 500 miles, the stock controller started acting up and I rewired the the whole bike using...
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    18 mile commute. Help build dream DIY!

    If you're willing to do DIY there's going to be plenty of options for you. I think a big factor is going to be how well you want all the parts integrated. You could easily get a donor bike with a frame geometry that fits your riding style and get a mid-drive like a BBSHD or hub drive and...
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    25 mile commute, mostly flat, looking for Class 3 Ebike

    I see, I'm running into the same issues with my battery. The colder mornings are especially tough on the battery efficiency. It's a 1kw 48v battery that is about two years old and almost 9k miles on it. If I can get through most of this year before replacing it, I'll be happy. I know a number...
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    25 mile commute, mostly flat, looking for Class 3 Ebike

    How is the drive system and motor holding up on the Stromer ST1x? I'm also in the Bay Area and out of all the other ebikes I see on my commute, the Stromers are always the bikes that can hold a steady higher speed compared to others. I have a quasi DIY bike now, rear hub motor bike, but...
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    Rear ended with bike rack

    Yeah, basically it was raining and a guy behind me, only about 2-3 car lengths following pushed me into stopped traffic. Both front airbags deployed, most of the rear facia gone, plus the cooling system and HAVC system. This was on an almost new car, 2019 MY with 5k miles. I likely totaled the...
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    Rear ended with bike rack

    Just got off the phone with the adjuster and all my car accessories are covered. The hitch receiver is going to be replaced by the body shop and I can just purchase a new rack and submit the invoice. This collision resulted in $20k of damages to my car alone. Everyone drive safely out there and...
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    Rear ended with bike rack

    Last week I got rear ended by a person driving a pickup truck following me way to closely. Luckily, there were no injuries as I was one car in a four car collision. The bike rack was empty at the time, folded up and tucked up in the storage position. Seeing as this rack, a 1up EquipD, took a big...
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    so much for puncture resistant tires.

    That actually might be worth trying. I already use the tire liners, but they seem pretty useless against anything larger than an office staple. For my fat bike, I already need to change out the rear tire, it has about 8500k miles on it and is bald. What I'll do is cut the wire bead off and...
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    safety on bikes-lights/reflective vests etc

    Everyone says it’s crazy expensive, but I think it’s worth it. I have a Supernova m99 pro on my Juiced Bike. The daytime running light is a good brightness, similar to a car LED daytime running light, but the m99 has a switch that you can use to active a high-beam. It’s useful for blinking a...
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    Known Issues & Problems with Juiced Bikes Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

    I’ve followed the forums pretty closely since getting a bike in 2017 and spoke issues seemed to have been resolved when Juiced swapped suppliers of their spokes to Sapim. I also haven’t seen too many recent cases of battery disconnect. The downtube where the battery seats is now as wide as the...
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    Admitted Faulty Product Design

    I also used some velcro, the fuzzy side and stuck it on the bottom of the battery as a shim. It tightened things up a bit.
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    Ebike for commuting, urban exploring

    +1 for New Wheel. Depending on where you’re located in the Bay, you could check out Motostrano in Redwood City. They usually have good inventory and previous year model sales. The service department during my last few visits needs improvement and I think New Wheel has them beat in this area.
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    Flat Tires Perspectives: an invitation

    I currently have about 12k miles between two bikes over the course of 3 years. Bike 1: 2016 Haibike Trekking S equipped with Schwalbe Energizer Plus tires. These tires are very puncture resistant and provide good wet weather grip. From my records they only average one flat every 1000-1200k...
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    Admitted Faulty Product Design

    From what I can tell, the difference is in the battery top cap and not the plastic receiver lock in the frame. Juiced Bike based their current battery design around the Dorado series of ebike batteries, but they redesigned the individual cells to build up the pack so the cells are perpendicular...
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    Admitted Faulty Product Design

    Yeah totally, I’ve posted a couple of times about my Juiced Bike journey and tell it like it is. My expectations about the bike when I preordered the HF1000 was that it was going to be a bit of a “science experiment“ bike. I knew the specific MAC motor was sometimes difficult to tune and...
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    Admitted Faulty Product Design

    Yeah, they wanted to charge me for round trip shipping plus a diagnostic fee to look at my battery. It is out of warranty, however, since this is clearly a manufacturing defect, they should be treating this like a vehicle recall and perform good will repairs or replacement. After I declined to...