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  1. Bobsiii

    CST tubes

    I have a Magnum Metro, recently had a front tire flat. Tried to replace my patched tube and could not find a replacement with stem that fits fully thru the hole on wheel. Original is a CST 26x1.9/2.125 and they are out of stock everywhere I looked on stateside stores. I took the wheel to...
  2. Bobsiii

    Kroop's Goggles

    My eyes water something fierce. Cold air, wind, dust - don't matter, they're pouring. Bought a pair of Kroops's goggles, amber lenses, problem solved. Lightweight, good fit and the vent holes in the top of the lens take care of fogging, even masked. Strongly recommend...
  3. Bobsiii

    Saying goodbye to MUTs

    Denver's Multi Use Trails are so crowded I'm abandoning them for now. It's impossible to maintain any distance at all from others and at 77 with weakened lungs from decades of cigs and pot that scares me. I've started riding all around town on the streets, something I would never have done...
  4. Bobsiii

    Metro 3k miles report

    Bought my Metro in April last year, had crappy wx for 2 months and only got a couple of hundred miles. Summer/Fall much better, easily averaged over 100m/wk of recreational path/road riding, normal ride is 25-40 miles, longest was 55. I'm at 3200+ now. Normally ride PAS 1 or 2, top speed I've...
  5. Bobsiii

    Newbie battery questions

    10 months ownership of my Magnum Metro, over 3,000 recreation riding miles, no problems save one sidewall flat. So far my longest ride has been 55 miles w/1,000ft climb - left me with 45v. I live in Denver and want to take longer rides further up into the foothills so I'm looking for more...
  6. Bobsiii

    Photochromic sunglasses - yes or no?

    My bilateral cataract surgery is sked for Mar 9 and I'm going with distant vision lenses so, for the first time in my life, I have choices in sunglasses other than cheap clip-ons or expensive prescription ones. I know I want polarized, thinking about photochromic as well but I have questions...
  7. Bobsiii


    Saw an electric blue one of these cruising around Sloan's Lake Christmas Eve, good looking bike. They are local to Denver, seem to offer reasonable selection including choices of batteries.
  8. Bobsiii

    Denver to try contracted/permitted dockless stuff; current docked system shutting down.

    There are also supposed to be public mtgs coming about using "e-devices" on Multi Use Trails but I haven't seen any notices...
  9. Bobsiii

    Battery rebuilding in USA

    Local (Colorado). It offers a pretty good range of services, seems to be cheaper than OM; I'm going for the 48v 16ah Dorado. Worth checking out if you're interested in longer range/new battery.
  10. Bobsiii

    Kids' trailers

    At a rest stop at Hudson Gardens yesterday I ran into a couple biking with their two children. Mom carried the youngest in a basket on the front bars, giving the kid a view of something other than Mommie's butt but I loved the older one riding in a WheeHoo trailer. It lets them pedal along or...
  11. Bobsiii

    The miles just crept up on me!

    Had my first 50+mi ride Saturday morning, it pretty well reflects my overall ebike experience. Was thinking about 20 mi when I left home so I dropped down to the Platte River and headed North to Clear Creek. Felt so good when I got there that instead of turning around and heading home turned...
  12. Bobsiii

    Battery booster pack?

    On the "Best E-Bikes USA" fB page there was a post (Aug 25th) about booster batteries. Wondering if anyone here has done it, and results? Would it require changing controllers? I have a Magnum Metro w/48v 13ah batt fitted into frame. Here's some of the post explaining the idea : "We can add a...
  13. Bobsiii

    Denver's Best E-Bikes is moving

    At the shop yesterday and heard they are moving to Shops at Northfield in September. Bummer. One of the reasons I bought the bike I did was the close (1 mi) location of a dealer. I have a good lbs - Yawp Cyclery - close for regular bike stuff, not sure how I'll handle any electrical issues.
  14. Bobsiii

    Replacement headlights

    My Metro came with Spanniga Kendo + headlight which is ok if you want someone to see you but ridiculously weak (says "40 lux") if you want to see the trail. When I went to replace it found out that Magnum runs it directly off the battery so there was 52v at the plug!!! Most lights are 6-12v...
  15. Bobsiii

    e-scooter debate questions?

    Tomorrow night I'm going to a debate about e-scooters; my thinking is e-scooter questions/concerns also apply to e-bikes, so I'm looking for info and want to see who is supportive, who not. Here's 5 ideas the presenters put up for consideration...
  16. Bobsiii

    More and more e-bikes!

    Stopped for an iced French vanilla latte mid-ride yesterday at Nixon's Coffee House, parked next to an Orbea and a Haibike. They belong to a mom (Orbea road bike) and her daughter (the Haibike mtn bike). Hubby also owns an Orbea, all bought used on Craigslist, checked out and serviced at Bike...
  17. Bobsiii

    Is the animus overblown?

    I hung around here for several months before I finally got my Metro and read all the threads about negative attitudes toward e-bikers. I even prepared my response to "Cheater!" calls; "Only cheating Father Time". I've been riding for 1000 miles+ and I've never heard a negative comment. The...
  18. Bobsiii

    Spanninga lights

    My Metro came with a Spanninga Kendo+ headlight. 30 lux. Very inadequate for me. I should be able to upgrade to a brighter, better pattern Spanninga light and plug and play, right?
  19. Bobsiii

    Ghost pedaling

    I've never been a big exercise guy, bore way too easily. So naturally I find myself, often, ghost pedaling on my e-bike, just slowly riding the pedals around. I'm just as likely to fall behind the PAS and get a clunk as to self-power much over the PAS. I know there's lots of enjoyment riding...
  20. Bobsiii

    Serious bike on bike crash. Head on.

    Why speed limits on MUPs? Try this. This sounds like it would have been a lot less serious if the one biker were not going so fast. I ride here often, keep to 14-15 mph and get passed a ton. Hell, an idiot on scooter passed me the other day! I rode here the day after the crash and saw two radar...