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  1. Taylor57

    What happens when your Ebike you ordered on the Internet breaks?

    I called around to a local mobile bike repair and a bricks and mortar bike repair shop here in Palm Springs. What I found out from both is interesting. Both are hesitant bordering on refusing to work on Ebikes. The reason: " You worked on my ebike to fix X, and now Y does not work". I wonder if...
  2. Taylor57

    Bike charger question

    Would anyone know if the Lectric XP and Espin Sport chargers are compatible. I was low on battery today and at my sons house and considered charging with the XP charger. They look very similar. Anyone tried?
  3. Taylor57

    Dual Suspension Mid Drives with Throttle

    I would like a bike that I could put fenders and a rack as well as lights. I think it's a short list, no?
  4. Taylor57

    Motobecane Ebikes Bikes Direct

    I am now on the email list and am curious if anyone has ever ordered from these guys and just how good of a deal is the Hal full suspension with Bagang mid for 2899 and the Shimano Mid hard tail Motobecane for 2k? I love promotion however one concern is when they list the weights of the bikes in...
  5. Taylor57


    Just curious if anyone has had a stolen bike claim paid from Velosurance. I have a very high deductible homeowners plan through USAA (10k) and now have 2 Ebikes worth approx 2500 to replace. I got a quote last nite for the XP and the Sport for about 250 a year for both. The policy would have a...
  6. Taylor57

    Bye Bye XP

    Today my son and I went for an hour long bikeride with the XP and Sport. When the ride was over, we loaded XP into his trunk and away he went. It was a great 3 months! My son seems very excited and I'm sure will have a blast on the XP. Well, room for 1 more!!
  7. Taylor57

    I think I've decided I'm going to bite the bullet

    and give my kids my Espin Sport and Lectric XP and buy a sweet ride. Both current bikes have been great, but after 63 plus years, I deserve a full suspension cruiser. (No MTB) Here are the candidates so far: 1. Bulls Iconic with new modified display 2. New Trek that was just announced My...
  8. Taylor57

    Bigger pedals

    Does anyone have a suggestion on a bigger/wider pedal for my Espin Sport? My left heel clips the kickstand once in awhile when pedaling. I thought a wider pedal may help. I dont want to spend more than 30 bucks. That or removing the kickstand...
  9. Taylor57

    What new Ebike can you get within a week

    for under 2k and delivered to your front door?
  10. Taylor57

    Rockstar owners

    Has anyone received a Rockstar? I am tempted to order but wanted to hear from a few owners first...
  11. Taylor57

    Celebrity breaks his back on Ebike Just saw this. I wonder what type of ebike?
  12. Taylor57

    Aostirmotor full suspension on Amazon Anyone have any feedback? Seems like a good price, but 90 lbs seems heavy...
  13. Taylor57

    Any pointers loading XP into back of SUV

    I am going to the mountains for a few days and want to take the XP. Any pointers breaking down and folding the XP and getting it into the SUV without breaking my back and scratching the car? Or is it just put a blanket over the bumper and heave ho? Thanks in advance...
  14. Taylor57

    New Ebike in Indiegogo The War Machine looks interesting. Anyone know roughly the odds on you actually getting a bike and what shipping costs may be?
  15. Taylor57

    Bike riding etiquette

    I notice in my morning Ebike travels I see other bikers. 99% of them are young(er) acoustic bikers with the tight shorts, tight shirt, shoes clamped into some fancy pedals and riding the skinny, what we used to refer to as 10 speeds. I wave to every one that I come across. So far in about 20...
  16. Taylor57

    Baby seat for XP

    Anyone have a recommendation for a front or rear mounting baby seat for 18 month old? Also any suggestions on what is better from a safety standpoint, front or rear?
  17. Taylor57

    Does anyone know who makes this Ebike
  18. Taylor57

    How hard is it to build your own Ebike?

    Now that I am firmly hooked and my 2nd Ebike is on the way, I have turned into a putterer. I would consider myself fairly handy and curious. I think I have a decent start on tools. Tell me about a starter kit or baby steps in building my own Ebike. Maybe I donate it or give it to a charity...
  19. Taylor57

    Anybody heard of E-Cells E-Bikes?

    Looks interesting-dual suspension, dual batteries and 92 lbs
  20. Taylor57

    Has your Lectric XP exceeded your expectations?

    I must say after about 150 miles, the XP has exceeded what I expected. I bought it primarily to get in shape and now find myself going on tours of our city and surrounding trails. I have added the springy seatpost and new seat and the only other thing I would change would be front shocks. Thank...