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  1. Flash Gordon

    2nd Battery for G3 Trail - other FLX batteries are available

    I hesitate being the only poster on the FLX Forum, but I posted this information on another thread that was discussing the purchase of a 2nd/replacement better for folk's bikes, so I thought I'd share it with my fellow FLX owners who might be thinking of another battery. Although I am happy...
  2. Flash Gordon

    CheapAss Rack Works on my Trail

    I decided I'd like to have the option of occasionally adding a rack to my G3 Trail and did not want to spend a fortune. So I did a little web shopping and found this cheapie...
  3. Flash Gordon

    Newbie from So Cal

    Hi, I recently purchased a FLX Trail after lurking around ERB for a while. My first venture in to electric bikes and so far, I'm enjoying a lot. Now I can tell my cardiologist during my regular visits when he ALWAYS asks me about exercise - "Yep, 'ride my bike every other day." Until I...