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  1. Klein Rider

    M2S Cargo Bike - a different but similar RadWagon 3

    Hey guys what do you think of the M2S All Go Cargo Bike? it sure looks similar to the RadWagon3... even the batteries are similar with the King display. The differences are dual 48v 11.6 Ah batteries, and 500w IG hub motor (80nM torque) and hydraulic brakes. $1999...
  2. Klein Rider

    What are your speculations for 2020 Rad Power Bikes?

    My 2020 speculations: Frame integrated battery New Rover and Mini frame designs - RP proprietary design New Wagon frame, lighter weight New display - RP proprietary design (no more King Meter) What are your speculations?
  3. Klein Rider

    Dolphin - Max seat height?

    Hi, can someone measure their seat post of the Dolphin at the maximum height to pedals at bottom dead center or the ground. I'm tall and looking for decent seat height.
  4. Klein Rider

    Looking to buy Radwagon, questions for owners

    Ever since the Radwagon was lowered to $1,499 I've been thinking of adding one to my fleet. I'll be adding the front rack, rear large basket, suspension seat post and an extra battery. Questions for owners... how do you like your RW? Is the DD 750w hub motor fast and powerful enough for your...
  5. Klein Rider

    Anyone have the M2S Full Suspension Seat Post Rack?

    Trying to get a picture of this on a KUSH. Full suspension Fat Bike racks are hard to find.