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    Friend considering a used '18 Rad Rover. What is diff from the '19 model?

    Can anyone give a synopsis of the differences?
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    Time to buy new tires for my Rad Rover

    I will have gotten around 1000 miles on the originals on my 2019 model. Thinking about going FATTER!!! I ride in a lot of sandy conditions in Mexico. Will the Maxxis Minion 26 x 4.8 tires fit on my wheels?
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    Are wire bead tires compatible with the wheels on a 2019 Rad Rover?

    Can I use pretty much any bead type on my RR?
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    What is the range of tire sizes possible on a 2019 Rad Rover?

    Clearly, it came with 26 x 4. How much narrower can I go?
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    Kickstand separation anxiety

    I was headed over to Home Depot to see if they could duplicate the key to my Rad Rover battery lock (they cant). Anyway, as is my habit, I pull the bike into the store to stand it up next to the customer return desk. No lower 2/3 of the kickstand. Damn, it was just there in my garage when I...
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    Is there any reason why these tires wont fit on my 2019 Rad Rover?

    I am in the process of getting all my replacement part ducks in line, in advance of heading to Mexico. Replacement stuff in Mexico is either non-existent or very expensive. So, I'm going down with two new tubes, two liners and two new tires. Will these work? Will they fit...
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    What happened to my tube?

    I came out to my Rad Rover to discover I had a flat. I hadnt ridden it in two days, though I had checked the pressure. No problem, I figure. It's a slow leak. I'll pump it up and just do a short day before I trouble shoot this. I begin the inflation with an electric pump. All seems to be going...
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    What about the wheel bearings in a Rad Rover?

    Once again, I have the 2019 model. Wife has the City Step Thru. Are these riding on bearings that can be lubricated?
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    Preventing/overcoming flats in the Rad Rover

    I havent had a flat YET, but it's probably coming. Puncture RESISTANT, not puncture PROOF, after all........... Are these Juggernaut tires tubeless? Tubed? What, if any, product are you guys/gals using to seal the inside of the tires. My LBS is really down on Slime, but I still have a quart of...
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    Are there faster chargers out there for the Rad batteries (2019 models)

    Two amps at 48v sure takes a long time to recharge. Even going down to what appears to be about a 40-50% discharge is taking 3-4 hours to recharge. Are there aftermarket chargers that are 4 or 6 amp chargers? Is that not advisable?
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    Clicking sound coming from head tube when stationary and turning handlebars

    I have a 2019 Rad Rover that I have had a little over two weeks. Just passed 200 miles on it. It's been flawless right out of the box. But about 100 miles in, there is this noticeably loud clicking sound that appears to be coming from the head tube area. I hear it when I am stationary and...
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    Anyone been using a pure sine wave inverter to charge your Rad bike?

    Just wondering if anyone has done this for an extended period, i.e., plugging the stock charger into a PSW inverter. I don't doubt that it will charge, but wondering if anyone has experienced reduced performance or failure? I like to do a bit of off-grid camping in the truck camper and try and...
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    What's under those plastic caps on the leather hand grip ends?

    Is there a threaded insert for attaching a rear view mirror? They were a little bit stubborn prying out to where the inner plastic cap is sitting just on the inside of the grips. Decided maybe I should ask first before I remove the plastic cap in its entirety.
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    2019 Rad Rover tire inflation?

    Just got my bike today. The manual says inflate to 20 psi and dont over or underinflate. But 20 seems awfully firm on dirt. How low can I go on these Kendra Juggernauts? The assembly video said 18-22. No lower?
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    Is the Phantom model recently plugged by Costco a ProdecoTech bike?

    If so, has anyone heard ANYTHING about these bikes?